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The following steps explain how to restore your emails in the last 7 days.

Before requesting to restore your emails, please carefully read the following information:

• Can only restore messages that were lost in the last 7 days.
• Cannot guarantee a successful restore.
• Cannot pick specific emails, pull a certain time frame such as a week or a month, or pick from one date to another.
 The restore process permanently deletes your most recent emails. When a restore is performed, your account is returned exactly to the way it was when your missing messages were there. Any emails sent or received after that time will be deleted, and cannot be retrieved. Because Mail and Messenger are connected, the same goes for any IM messages sent or received after the restore time -- the restore process deletes them as well.
• Before requesting a restore: Backup any messages sent or received within the last 7 days that you want to keep.
• Note: The process does not recover local IM conversation history archives for Messenger for Windows (versions 10 and below) and Messenger for Mac.




To proceed with the restore follow the steps below:

1. Launch the following link from your browser:

2. Enter all required fields in the form provided.
3. Type in the verification code and press Submit.

4. Be sure to capture and document the Incident Number provided.



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