Ignite TV flex channels

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Ignite TV flex channels

Had a tech come out a few days ago to update to ignite TV, cannot seem to change my "Flex Channels" due the "Usage & Service" drop down menu not working. Have tried for a couple days and still won't work. When I click on the other drop menus they work fine.


Is there a specific reason why the "Usage & Service" drop down menu won't work?




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Re: Ignite TV flex channels

@Schaefy  Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!  Some have reported that they were not able to make changes to their account immediately but there might also be a problem with how your Ignite TV services are set up in MyRogers.  I would call the Concierge office to report this issue.  However, there is another way that you can swap channels:


You can view all available channels for all Ignite TV packages here: https://www.rogers.com/web/consumer/ignite-bundles/channels


Make note of the Flex Channels in your package that you want to remove and those that you wish to add.  You can then call Tech Support and they can make the channel swaps for you while you are on the phone with them.

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Re: Ignite TV flex channels

I have not been able to make any changes to my account since my Sept.23 install.My account is stuck apparently with a pending order and until or when the back office people fix it nothing can be changed.Opened 3 tickets up top have 2 closed  as "resolved" and finally Oct 4 was told the 3rd ticket wasn't done right and will be another 5 business days to solve.What a joke. My original installer Sept 23 wanted to hardwire all the ignite boxes yet brings a modem that only has 2 lan ports and I have 4 tv boxes. Some of these installers are pretty bad, don't know what they are doing.