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Ignite TV Guide/Images

Creating this as a visual guide of most of the screens, Menus, etc.

The box model is Xi6A / AX061AEI
One power (5v, 3A USBC) One HDMI, power light, and thats it.
Status screen:

Quick Record by Record Button:
Pressing Right on the Arrow Pad:
Brings up a mini guide of whats on the channels right now.  Can go to a specific number, etc.



Pressing the A button:
Troubleshooting menu


Pressing the B button:
Quick access to the accessibility options like CC, etc.


Pressing the C button:
Sports App
Brings up the menu on the right side, allows you to shoose from multiple sports on the top.  NHL, MLB, Soccer, Nascar, NFL, NBA.  You can see the scores.  If it says final, the game is over.
If you see one with the little TV signal in the right of the game, you can click on it, and it will give you some options to watch it (I think LIVE if on right now, or if there is an on demand replay for it)
Clicking on one of the games will bring you into the different stats screens.
Info Screen (info button)
This one is what it looks like when you press the info button, while that channel is recording.  

Left: Box art
Middle: The program information/description
Right: Program Time, if it supports restart, Channel, rating, rotten tomatoes rating
Bottom Middle: All the different options you can do to the thing, in this case some of the recording options, etc
Bottom: Going down to cast and Crew, will bring you do a more IMDB type pages, where it will show the cast, related items, etc.

Pretty much the same options when on a regular watching channel, other than the OPTIONS changed to RECORD giving recording options.
Guide view, pressing guide again allows you to choose different filter options.  All channels, Free to me (only ones you get), favorites, etc.
Shows 2.5 hours at a time.
Browsing down to a live channel shows info, can select to go to that channel.
IMG_3790.jpgChoosing an advanced time, shows recording options.
(on both, can show restart if its available)
Pressing the menu button, brings up this menu.  Guide just brings you to the same as pressing guide.
IMG_3792.jpgGoing into Saved, brings you to a For You menu.  This is kind of like what Netflix does.. it has some of your in progress stuff, other epps available on demand for what you have recorded, as well as 'recomendations'
IMG_3793.jpgRecordings goes into your full recordings list.
IMG_3794.jpgSelecting an item, will give you more details, to start, resume, and options.  IF there is more than one recording for a show, it will show (X).  And when selecting will show multiple boxes, for each episode.
Scheduled, will show you all your upcoming scheduled recordings.
IMG_3796.jpgSelecting an title, will show the options for that scheduled recording.
Favorites Menu.  Not sure how/what this works.. would assume if you favorite a channel, the recordings from that channel would be there?  There may be a way to favorite recordings/titles as well.
Purchases.  Not sure if ROD purchases would appear here? May be other features later too.
Playlists.  Haven't figured this section out yet.
On Demand: A much more NETFLIX like on demand interface.  Works like normal though.
Search:  search funtion by name, etc. Will show recent searches as well.
Brings you to an apps available menu.  Including a bunch of ones for Stocks, horoscopes, weather, etc.
As well as the Netfix and Youtube apps.
Netflix: Netflix app is pretty much the same as I have seen on most smart TVs, etc.
VOICE Controls
Not going to go into all the commands, apparently there are like 1000 of them.  But show how it looks, and how the results come up.
Search a Title, etc.   Will bring up any results.  TV, on demand, etc.  You could refine to one if you added 'on demand' at the end.
It pops up on the bottom, like Siri, etc does.
Example of how you can search Netflix as well.

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Re: Ignite TV Guide/Images

Hello, @Gdkitty


Impressive! Thank you for creating and sharing the visuals of different menus and screens with the Community. 


Looking forward to more visuals!




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Re: Ignite TV Guide/Images

Thanks so much @Gdkitty  This is great all you are putting forward on your experience.


I have yet to hear or see anything that in my financial situation and our viewing world that would justify the costs, but it is great to be able to make more educated decisions.


Would it be possible to show pictures of the wired connection to the central modem box, the mesh or any other setups that you have.


And anyone who may be doing bridge, is it possible to see those setups.


And any user screens, obviously remove any identifying information, but it would be of interest to see and hear comments on the user side administration process.


At your leisure of course - somewhere in here you need to enjoy your entertainment, use your phone and Internet. Smiley Happy



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Resident Expert
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Re: Ignite TV Guide/Images

Oh yeah. Plan on doing a whole networking side post in the internet section.

Just not enough hours in the day 😛

It’s on the list. Have the interface images already.

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Re: Ignite TV Guide/Images

Kudos to @Gdkitty for doing this.  This of course begs the question, why isn't this already done by the project manager or his/her appointed subordinate employee prior to Rogers employee testing or public release?  


Along those lines, here is a link to the support section for IPTV.  For anyone interested, this might answer a few questions.  




Support section for the XB6 modem:






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Re: Ignite TV Guide/Images

Thanks for the links @Datalink  I am actually favorably impressed by how much detail is in the FAQ's


Rogers is definitely improving in the FAQ area and being more timely on them.


As for pictures and videos, yes, I would have thought that they would have included some of these, but maybe their documenting staff don't think in pictures or may not even have the tools and skills to do it Smiley Wink - not that it couldn't be done, they did how to videos and views for Navigatr after a long stretch of time.


So hopefully they will come.


Count on forum members and RE's, they always come through.



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Re: Ignite TV Guide/Images

All the images added pretty much in there now.

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Re: Ignite TV Guide/Images

You didn't show the Kidzone App. Just say Kidzone on the Mic and it will come up

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Re: Ignite TV Guide/Images

@BS wrote:

Thanks so much @Gdkitty  This is great all you are putting forward on your experience.


I have yet to hear or see anything that in my financial situation and our viewing world that would justify the costs, but it is great to be able to make more educated decisions.

I too would also like to thank @Gdkitty on the great pictures of the hardware. It's about time Rogers finally takes a leap to IPTV.  This is the future of Television. 


@BS, I too am in a similar situation, I have currently decided NOT to hop onto the Ignite TV system at this time, due to my challenging financial situation.  If they rolled this out a few years back when I had no children would have been nice as I had a lot more disposable income and would be willing to try cutting edge technology and such, but since it just came out now and is priced higher than the traditional Cable/Internet/Phone bundles and I fully understand the higher price is due to the 500mbit internet requirement, which is a great speed, but I am very happy with my 50mbps internet speed and anything higher is just me spending money which I will never fully utilize.  I am so busy as it is with my 2 small children and work I also barely have time to sit down and watch TV, this also played a role in me not signing up for this.  now don't get me wrong, I can still admire a nice next generation TV platform and not be interested in it and there is nothing wrong with that.   As my financial situation changes down the road I may be open to giving it a try.  only time will tell.

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Re: Ignite TV Guide/Images



Like you, I like new technology and pick and choose what is useful and affordable for me to bring meaningful benefits to my life - one area in particular I would love is voice control given some significant disabilities with text comprehension.


In fact, for me, the best option for control of the tv would be text entry from a keyboard (my reading and writing comprehension and motor location is highly adapted to direct keyboard entry, or a visual layout on the screen that I can mouse or tab through.


I often used the PVR remote on the Home Anyplace app as I could use the touch pad to choose the options, whereas I struggle with the remote - I have often thought about a Harmony remote, the most current one with touch screen and the ability to program sequences of entry.


I actually am one of the few around, I am sure there are others, that still channel surf and go by memory of what channel shows are on - I keep a listing on the computer of regular shows, because I just can't manage the visual guide with the remote well at all.  Just the way my brain works, but unfortunately, again, I cannot justify the cost of a Harmony remote, and unless I could try one to see if it really meets my needs, it would be of little use.


The reason why I always loved the Anyplace on a PC for programming the PVR was the fact that I could get a larger view and could use the mouse.


All those years of programming first in text, and then scrolling in browsers and locating quickly places on a keyboard.


If people want to really understand my brain, imagine how I used to write essays when I was in university with a typewriter.


I would have my wife read content to me, I would type summaries of the material and key points, I would then truly cut and paste with paper and scissors and tape, not glue, and put together my article first on a flip chart page on the wall, with a marker indicating the flow and numbering for order.


I would then type it all again just as it came out of my head from looking at it.  I would then again, have my wife assist with flow and editing (she eventually was a developmental editor for university text books), and then by then, I had the whole thing in my head, I would do a final cut and paste and edit, and then copy from the flip chart to the typewriter and then hand it in with final penned edits.  Labourious for sure, but technology in the form of the PC was my lifesaver that sped the whole process up allowing me to work faster, which also allowed me to improve reading skills, and I also use a lot of zooming, and changing Kindle layouts to 3 words per line which means about 8 page flips per a page.  I read down the middle and I don't have lateral skills.


So when I assess now whether I can afford technology, (I am on a small fixed disability income paid monthly, and my wife was laid off 2 years ago from the publishing industry, so now has her own consulting and selling company, which brings an irregular cash flow in to just cover the basics of life.)


I too had times where I had money to spare and to burn, but yes, two kids burned that away to a minimum, and by the time they hit university I was no longer working, so they paid their own way, and we gave them space in the home and food to help out.


So at this point, the only thing that this whole model provides that is beneficial for me is the voice remote, that is it, and I am not very good with using voice commands - again, my brain doesn't work that way - I don't use Cortana, or hey google on computer or phone, I use the keyboard and I even use a keyboard with my smart phone.  My old BB Playbook keyboard worked until the battery finally died, then I used my bluetooth keyboard.


So best accommodation for me with TV remains the on screen control your PVR recordings, which they can't do due to the licensing, although I guess you can at least see your recorded shows and delete them on screen now, just can't program.


So, neat technology, I have never watched a Rogers feed on a smartphone, tablet or even my laptop, although I use one laptop with a VGA output only to an older HD TV/Montor dual function device, plus it runs off HDMI on the other laptop with HDMI output.  I plug the audio into my sound system via a male to male headphone jack.

So nothing at current pricing that would ever justify a change.  Only if they get it back to the pricing of my current options where I have only 75 Mbs Internet, full home phone options with north american long distance, and popular with HBO and one theme pak and one channel add-ons, and current free HD rental (although I would just use a laptop - I have no shortage of them - as my daughters upgraded, I got their older ones.


I wonder how the targets are going, or whether this point of the gesture, is just to intentionally keep the number of early adopters down in numbers through pricing it out of the range of many.  We already have many a thread where people have discussed how to downsize or just cut the cord because pricing is pushing out of their (my) disposable income.


So time will tell what happens, but for me, price will remain the driving factor. I can live without it all, and have recently done a free month of Crave, CBS online, Amazon Prime and have used netflix before - Lucifer which I love to watch has been dropped by the networks and picked up by Netflix - it is probably going to be a bit more gory I suspect. 


Total costs and I have found a location in my house where I can get everything I want via over the air - every major US and Canadian network, so I have options.


Time will tell, but entertaining to learn - by the way, one other feature that XFinity has, but Rogers does not have yet is call display - the XFinity has a full call display feature with additional features such as voice mail to text and can listen to your voicemails on the connect app they have for XFINITY.  (to come someday, and they also have a ROKU beta going on for all XFinity customers).


So lots of future in the product line and feature sets - all comes down to money for me.