Ignite Internet Cuts out EXACTLY Once Per Night!!

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Ignite Internet Cuts out EXACTLY Once Per Night!!

Has anyone experienced anything like this before?

My Ignite Internet seems to partially die once every night, always sometime between 8PM and 11PM (which go figure is my prime time for usage). Ping requests still seem to work, but actually trying to browse the Internet fails... can't use Google, can't use my Xbox, can't browse Facebook or Twitter, etc etc. This happens across ALL my devices -- PC, mobile phone, Xbox, etc.

When this happens my Ignite TV service continues to work completely uninterrupted, and any status info on the modem (navigate via shows that everything is up and operational, but I can't browse the Internet at all until I do a hard reboot of the modem.

This has been happening every night for about two weeks now. I'm not sure what exactly caused it, because the service has been fantastic since I got it set up.

I called Rogers about it and they just said everything looked good on their end and advised a reboot. It fixes the problem, but sadly only temporarily because the next night the exact same thing happens.

So... has anyone encountered this? Has Rogers been able to help? Might it just be a faulty modem? Service problem on their end? The fact that it's the same day (roughly) every time makes me a little suspicious.


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Re: Ignite Internet Cuts out EXACTLY Once Per Night!!

Hello, @guddduidharaah.


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! 🙂


Thank you for starting a conversation about your Ignite TV Internet service nightly disconnects.  I can imagine how inconvenient this interruption can be. 


I appreciate all the details provided; since the TV service continues to work the issue could be related to some strong interference causing your devices to lose communication with the modem. Is there a particular device do you turn it on between 8 PM - 11 PM? Besides Rogers provided Ignite TV modem are you using any other router?


Community - any other thoughts on this matter?




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Re: Ignite Internet Cuts out EXACTLY Once Per Night!!

Since you mentioned that ping works even when website don't I am leaning towards DNS service since that is responsible for converting website name to ip address. When system goes down again, do not restart the modem instead  try pinging to  ip address of (belong to google) also copy this address exactly in web browser and see if google opens when you having issue. You can also use which belong to Facebook.


Also If you ability to test, do with wired connection if possible. Let us know of results what happens. Make sure you use extended ping by typing ping -t <IP Address>



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Re: Ignite Internet Cuts out EXACTLY Once Per Night!!

Having the same problem with the ignite TV, always at night between 8:00 pm and 10:00pm.

Haven't noticed a problem with the internet or phone, because I haven't been using the at the time.

I've called Rogers tech support several times and the problem is still not resolved. They are finally going to send out a tech next week. Knowing other people are having the same problems around the same time, tells me that it is probably a system problem and not a hardware problem. Reading a lot of the posts, indicates that Rogers are not addressing and correcting these problems in a timely fashion. It's like they are learning as it goes. The voice control is also very poor, as you have to repeat your request many times before or if it works at all. I think Rogers sold us a bill of goods that is not so good. They should have proven their system out, through vigorous testing, before they ever offered it to the public. My old cable company (that Rogers bought out) was much more reliable but now I can't go back. If they don't correct this soon I am going to contact the CRTC.

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Re: Ignite Internet Cuts out EXACTLY Once Per Night!!

Hello @TomHammill!


Welcome to our Community.


It is good to hear that we are sending a tech out to investigate. I know ongoing issues such as this can be incredibly frustrating but I have confidence in our techs ability to resolve your concerns.


If you should have any further issues after your appointment next week, please PM us @CommunityHelps for additional assistance. We want to make certain that you are able to get the most out of your services and we'll go the extra mile to see it done.




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Re: Ignite Internet Cuts out EXACTLY Once Per Night!!

We have been experiencing a similar issue since switching over to Ignite (500u package) before Christmas. Each night, around 6:00pm, our internet stops working which seems to mostly affect my son's gaming devices (PC, Xbox, iPhone) - but the telephone and TV seem to continue to work. The disconnect can last a few minutes to much longer. We have rebooted the modem on several occasions, but to no avail. We have changed from wifi to an ethernet connection on my son's gaming computer, but it makes not difference either. We have moved devices which may cause interference - no luck. As I am not as "techy" as many on this forum, I am a little hesitant and unsure how to attempt some of the fixes or diagnostics mentioned. After a visit to a Rogers store, the clerk, who had never heard of such an issue, suggested that perhaps the hardware I received or the line into the house was faulty and to put a call in to Tech Support - which I will do when I have more time. Not sure if it is related, but we just find it bizarre that the outage occurs at almost the same time each night and that it is much worse on weekends (Friday night - Monday) when most people in the neighbourhood are home and are possibly starting up their devices too. 




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Re: Ignite Internet Cuts out EXACTLY Once Per Night!!

Hello JN7,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


We appreciate you posting your concern in the Community. I can imagine how disruptive it is for him to constantly have to deal with these disruptions each night especially if it happens in the middle of a gaming session.


Can you confirm if it is all the Internet devices that are dropping at that time or is it just those three specific devices that lose connectivity? With the Telephone and the TV still working it seems unlikely the modem itself is going down as both of those services require a connection to work. Have you taken a look at the light on the top of the Internet modem to see what colour it becomes when the connection drops?


Please see below for a list of the Light patterns and their meaning:


  • SOLID AMBER: Post / Failed Post
  • FLASHING AMBER: Downstream Scan
  • FLASHING GREEN: Establishing Upstream / RF Issues
  • AMBER / GREEN: FW Download in progress (will go to RED for a moment)
  • RED / AMBER: Download (Bootloader) Failed
  • SOLID RED: No Internet Connection

We look forward to your response!







I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Ignite Internet Cuts out EXACTLY Once Per Night!!

The two devices that drop total connection are my son’s Xbox and his PC. When it happens, the light on the modem remains solid white - the same as when all systems are running well. All other devices continue to have connection; however, they do lose a bar or two on the wifi icon. Rebooting the two devices does not work, nor does unplugging/replugging the modem. After a telephone discussion with tech support about a week ago, the gentleman reset our system from his end... and for about 5 days all was good. We are now reexperiencing the connection loss, but now it happens between 8:00 and 10:00pm and takes about 3 hours to reestablish itself. It happens both when the devices are using wifi and/or hardwired to the modem.



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Re: Ignite Internet Cuts out EXACTLY Once Per Night!!

Hey @JN7


Your ongoing connection issue is definitely a mystery. Especially where it happens during a specific time of the day. Have you tried to completely disconnect the PC before that timeframe? I’m curious if we can pinpoint where the failure may be stemming from.
At this point, we’ll really need to run some tests on your Ignite service. Please send a Private Message to @CommunityHelps so we can gather your information and get started.


If you are not familiar with our Private Messaging system please Click Here.