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Arris XB6 Networking Issue with Apple Homekit

I've Been Here Awhile

Switched to Ignite TV with Gigabit internet and everything is awesome except  my Homekit is now not working


The setup -

Arris XB-6 gateway to a TP-Link 5 port gigabit switch


Switch to 3 routers- Airport extreme Time capsule and 2 Airport Extreme (all in bridge mode with unique SSID for each floor of the home)


Airport Extreme Time capsule to Hue Bridge and 4k Apple TV as home hub via wifi


Odd network, but the Arris ISP modem/router Wifi isn't strong enough for home and backyard. Im also open to a wired backhaul mesh or some other strong wifi system since the apple devices are old.


The Problem when connected to Airport wifi:

After random periods of time less than 24hrs Hue Bridge becomes unresponsive in Apple Home app and Siri can no longer command the lights. However all other accessories in Home still appear and function.(Locks, Speakers, AppleTv's)


Hue IOS app still functions perfectly, controls the lights and it states the bridge is connected. However, under Hue App Settings >Homekit&Siri it says no bridge found. Hue SyncBox works as well.


Out of home control still works via Hue App, not Home App


Harmony still has control over the lights via handheld remote and IOS App


If I unplug the ethernet cable connecting the XB-6 and Airport - The lights instantly reappear in Home and everything works as usual except out of home access since there is no internet.


If I move the Hue Bridge and plug directly into the Arris or the TPswitch there are no problems at all IF I connect to the Arris wifi. If I connect to any of the Airports wifi, it will work for a period but then the same issue.


My temp fix is going into Arris settings and changing IPv4 lease time. Any change here seems to start the clock over but regardless if the lease changed to weeks, days or forever it eventually wrecks after less than 24hours. It may also be worth noting that my Brother AirPrinter disappears from my network at the exact same time Bridge disappears from Homekit and also reappears after this Arris setting change. Every other device in the home works as usual except the Bridge and Printer.


Ive tried restarting my Home from scratch, assigning IPs, Toggling UPnP & zero config, factory reset of the Arris and Im trying to avoid reset of the Hue Bridge since there are so many lights and scenes. I think it's some sort of network communication issue between the Arris and the Airports.


Apologies for the novel but Im hoping someone else may have had the issue or knows what could be happening. Thanks


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Re: Arris XB6 Networking Issue with Apple Homekit


Good evening @amg,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


Thank you for the detailed post, you've definitely come to the right place! While I'm not familiar with the set up I'm sure our Resident Experts will definitely be able to assist you! @-G-, @Gdkitty as always I'm sure your insights will be valuable!





Re: Arris XB6 Networking Issue with Apple Homekit

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@amg  / @RogersZia  I read the original post earlier today and to be honest, I'm still trying to think of what could be causing things to mess up.


One thing that came to mind is that the XB6 was designed to be the hub of a connected home.  The XB6 does have internal Bluetooth LE and ZigBee radios.  I wonder if the XB6 could be interfering with the HomeKit bridge.  As far as I know, the Xfinity Smart Home offering is not certified to interoperate with HomeKit... but I would be surprised if they were not working on it.  I don't know what hidden functionality might currently be enabled in the XB6.

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