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Thank you

I've been around

 I just want to sat thank you rogers for years of service and understanding  . I been with Rogers  20+ years whether info shows this or not there was several years I was a pay as you go customer.  Today I would like to share an amusing  survey I did for Fido sent to random emails.   

  ok I seen this fido add in my email sent to random emails . I LOVE  SURVEYS regardless.  So I proceeded to answer questions  about their service , and in the comment sections I bragged about Rogers AWESOME deals. was only 6-8 questions BUT still the person that reads my answers should get a giggle and I hope you do to Thank you Rogers.


And yes please share this  Sincerely John Moyse of New Brunswick


Re: Thank you


Hello @Hoser!


Wow, it's so nice to hear how enthusiastic you are about Rogers and the service you've received over the years--it really means a lot to us!!! Thanks so much for taking time out of your schedule to complete the survey and provide your feedback. It helps us better understand what we are doing well and what areas need some improvement. I'm sure the person who reads it will appreciate your sense of humor as well! 🙂


Wishing you a very safe and happy 2022! Take care and all the best!!





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