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I like it here

Please read below, this is what I posted on Facebook and was hoping this feedback can be delivered to senior executives with Rogers.


The news today that Alex Anthopoulos is not returning is very disappointing. Alex showed complete class in his telephone conference call when commenting positively on the Blue Jays organization, Rogers and Mark Shapiro. Way to go Alex. Lets be serious now, whenever there is a new incoming President to any sports franchise, it is highly likely that they wish to bring their own people in who they have had success with in the past. The corporate executives at Rogers and the ...Blue Jays organization are so smart in their way of commenting, they diffuse the situation by putting it on Alex, "we are disappointed that ALEX CHOSE NOT TO ACCEPT OUR FIVE YEAR OFFER......." He didn't accept because the terms of the offer changed once there was a new incoming President who has GM experience and wants to have control and say over all decisions. As such, Alex could not have accepted a role where he is NOT the true leader and decision maker for this baseball club. What the organization fails to understand is that the greatness of a sports franchise is not only measured in wins and losses but also by the individuals on the team and the managers and coaches. Alex has not only brought in talented players and managers, but players who display integrity on and off the field. Throughout the playoffs, one could see the great relationship that existed between players, as well as the great relationship between Gibbons, Alex and the players. Alex created an environment where everyone wanted to win for everyone and play for each other to a certain extent. This is what Alex created. Bringing great players to the team was one step, the other was developing that relationship with them. Good luck to the incoming GM, if they hire one. I have interacted with many senior executives from the USA and from Canada, and the majority don't give care about people. All that matters is the bottom line, and right now the Blue Jays books don't look very good. Alex cared about people and his players. I would say we need to boycott the Jays, but that will not accomplish anything. The damage is done, the decision has been made. I just hope they keep Gibbons, but then again he may not wish to stick around with this new management team in place. Good luck re-sgining Price, Estrada, Navarro......they may decide to go elsewhere now that Alex is gone(and possibly Gibbons). I believe in his entire tenure Alex never met or interacted with any senior executives at Rogers, even though they were his superiors.  Doesn't seem right.  We are the laughing stock in MLB, what organization allows the Executive of the Year in MLB to walk away after winning the division and coming to within 2 games of the World Series(a team that the GM built)?  This is a dark day for the Blue Jays.  You have lost my support.



Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

We all agree, Alex has done a terrific job as GM of the Blue Jays over the past six seasons, and we all would have loved it if he stayed with the club.  Like the fans, we too are disappointed he has chosen not to stay on, but we wish him the very best.


Alex leaves behind an outstanding front office team and coaching staff that played a key role in shaping the team’s great run this season.  They will continue to operate in leadership roles next year as we look to build upon the team’s success.  We remain committed to putting a winning team on the field and look forward to many more exciting seasons for the Blue Jays.

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