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Rogers Employee lockdown2341
Rogers Employee
Posts: 357

Change In Status

Hello folks.


So as of Monday my status with Rogers is changing. The entire time I have been a member here I was in Consolidated Customer Care, handling wireless, home phone, cable and internet. As of Monday I am switching to Business MSD, which deals with customres who get discounts on their cell phones due to an agreement their workplace has with Rogers.


I won't be able to provide as much information or help on non-wireless services as I used to, but I will still assist as much as I can. Obviously I will be able to help out with any questions regarding wireless plans and to an extent, business wireless plans as well.


So hopefully I can continue to be of use.

Retired Moderator RogersAsif
Retired Moderator
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Re: Change In Status

Hi @lockdown2341 Smiley Happy


Thanks for sharing. Your contribution in the Community is appreciated.



Rogers Employee ShakTiburon
Rogers Employee
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Re: Change In Status

Late to the party, but hey... I wanna say it anyway;


@lockdown2341 You're awesome bud, love your assistance in the community and would always appreciate your involvement and help those in need.


You are always of use and MORE! lol