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Around when the Amber Alert came out here in Toronto, Ontario, I received a text message from #CMAS#CMASALL with the contents of the alert. I'm unable to respond to the sender and I don't think I got a notification that it arrived. From what I understand CMAS stands for "Commercial Mobile Alert System" or "Cellular Messaging Alert System", but I'm not sure. I also found the website http://www.cmasalert.com/ and thinking that maybe their software is used to send the alerts. My question is simply: What does CMAS in #CMAS#CMASALL stand for?


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Hello, @genericusername.


Welcome to Rogers Community Forums and thank you for posting your query in the Community.


An Internet search indicates CMAS is an alerting network in the United States. You may want to use the contact portal of the website you have posted to know about the service. 


Community - anybody else got the amber alert through CMAS?