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Worry-Free Data Management Feedback Thread

Product Manager
Product Manager

Hello Community!


Please post all your Worry-Free Data Management feedback here!


I'm excited to see what you all have to say Smiley Happy







Re: Worry-Free Data Management Feedback Thread

Rogers Employee
Rogers Employee

Hi Robert, we recently encountered a situation where the account holder has only 1 line on the account for their child. The customer is trying to set up the alerts, however, currently the end user is the person who would receive the alert. Are there any alternatives or plans to allow the account holder (and manager of the account) to receive the alert, for example via an email instead of a text? 


Thanks in advance,



Re: Worry-Free Data Management Feedback Thread

Hey Elizabeth,


That's a great question, we are actually investigating the feasibility of this. We are looking at both allowing the account holder to also receive the SMS and sending alerts via email.


However, at this time, the account holder cannot receive these messages if they are not part of the Share Everything plan – they can log into the MyRogers app to see the usage by line and manage the data.


Re: Worry-Free Data Management Feedback Thread

I would like to see the ability to change or customize the color of each line when using the Data Manager via MyRogers

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