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SIP / ALG setting for VOIP Phones

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

In order for a VOIP phone to function correctly with the Hitron Modems, the SIP / ALG setting on the modem requires disabling.  


The first problem that the user encounters is that the SIP / ALG setting not accessible in the modem's user interface; and


Tech support steers that user to the TechXpert service, which is a pay service to flip a single checkbox.  


To put this another way, someone at Rogers has decided to bury this particular setting beyond the users reach, and then, someone else has decided that said users have to pay an additional fee to simply flip a single switch or checkbox.  The optics of this looks terrible to put it mildly.  Is there some problem with the training that frontline tech support staff receive that prevents them from finding and flipping this switch or checkbox?  Why, beyond the economic gain for Rogers, is there a requirement for someone in the "TechXpert" staff to flip this switch or checkbox.  Can this not be kicked back down to the front line tech staff where it belongs?


Re: SIP / ALG setting for VOIP Phones

Product Manager
Product Manager

Hi @Datalink,


Thank you for your question.


Our frontline technical support staff recognize the request to disable/enable SIG/ALG settings as being related to VoIP service, which is something that falls outside of their scope of support; and that is why they refer our customers to TechXpert, where we deal with non-Rogers technical inquires. 


Another reason customers are directed to contact TechXpert for VoIP related inquiries, is because we can provide additional assistance with the VoIP products if required, where our frontline technical support would not be able to provide this level of support.


Thank you,



Re: SIP / ALG setting for VOIP Phones

Ok, so, in the event that a customer requires further assistance with VOIP devices he or she has the option of TechXpert service, lets see, for a cost of:


INSTANT FIX $69.99 /one-time fee


ADVANCED FIX $129.99 /one-time fee


Thats up to the customer to determine if that step is really required and if he or she is ready to pay that cost. 


However, in the event that a customer merely requires the SIP / ALG setting to be disabled, and remember that your dealing with customers who might have a lot of experience with their own VOIP gear, your saying that anyone from tech support is unable to simply find and disable this setting.  That its actually going to cost $69.99 for about 10 to 20 seconds worth of work?  You don't find that as being a little unreasonable?


Re: SIP / ALG setting for VOIP Phones

Hi again @Datalink,


I totally understand you're coming from.  However, the fact remains that VoIP is not a Rogers product, and the SIP/ALG enable/disable functionality is a feature of the Rogers provided equipment that we supply, which is not related to the Rogers services and products that our frontline technicians are trained on, such as VoIP.


Thank you,



Re: SIP / ALG setting for VOIP Phones

*** Update ***

As of August 1st 2016 please contact @CommunityHelps for assistance with disabling SIP/ALG on your Rogers modem.



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