Where is Rogers Customer Service?

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Where is Rogers Customer Service?



After only a month with Rogers, I am already totally done. What is wrong with Rogers Customer Service? Is it that hard to serve customers properly? I never had any problems with Fido after all these years.


Here I explain my situation.


A month ago, I bought a new cellphone and decided to go with Rogers because they advertised an interesting 7GB shareEverything plan with a new device. Quite a bargain, honestly. This is propably the only great thing that happened. It follows that shareEverything plans are great when you can SHARE it with other members because one person can't possibly use 7GB by themselves(considering moderate usage. i.e. no video streaming).


Thus, I start to search for an affordable device to add to my shareEverything plan. I see this amazing promotion on a Samsung Galaxy Tab E. WOW! Decides to start a live chat session and to buy it. Result: you have insufficient credit history with Rogers. Ok. Understandable but frustrating. 

Credit is really important in life for any companies, landlord, etc. 

HOWEVER, you advertise a shareEverything plan but I CANNOT add a new line to my account???

Some may mention credit... but my the plan I am adding is 1/8th the price of what I am already paying!!! You allow me to buy a "expensive device" with low credit but cannot let me add a new line that is 8 times cheaper???

A parallel to this, I am 100% confident that if decided to put ADD-ONS to my current line, they would allow me. IT'S THE SAME PRICE?!?!


The story doesn't end here. I haven't given up yet and I decide to go in store. The clerks are amazing but unfortunately they are unable to do anything (really? ). They tell me that I can add a new line after 1 month or 2 of "good" payments. I decide to pay right after this decide which is 2 weeks ahead of time. The end of my billing month arrives. I decide to start a new live chat session and ask about my credit. SURPRISE! They tell me to go in store with 2 IDs to finish my transaction. Great!


The next day, I decide to go in store for the tablet. They tell me: Due to your unsufficient credit history with rogers, you need a deposit of a 100$. Sure, no problem! 10 minutes later, they tell me then can't proceed the transaction due to my lack of credit !?!? The seller told me to give a call to rogers... Alright, I make my way back home the same day and decides to give a call. Results? Go back in store they should be able to add your new line , I can't do it by phone. I JUST WENT IN STORE and they told me to call instead. I decide to hang up and call again. I land on a nice lady that decides to "open a case" (was it ever opened?) to wasting my time by going back to store again. She tells me she is going to call me back tomorrow around the same time. Result? I never got the call today. 


I decide to call myself and inquire about it. Apparently, rogers customer services ends at 10pm but on their website it clearly states midnight (You should update it). Finally, I decide to start another live chat session. I ask for the same promotion and the person tells me that he can new line!?! Where's the catch? He offers me a plan that is 5$ more expensive than the promotion I see on the website (16.50$ instead of 11.50$?). Does the person think I am blind? After I tell him that he is trying to make me pay for something more expensive, he tells me that he does not "have" the offer I am referring to and that I need to "order online" to get it. It is the same offer that I asked 1 month ago that the other live chat person would offer me(for 11.50$/month + 1GB bonus for 1 year)!!!

Oh, almost forgot, I also mentionned "the case" on my account but he totally ignored the topic. 





1. Rogers customer service are totally disconnected. Apparently, live chat, phone and in-store merchants are unable to process the same transaction...

2. So far, 0 rogers personel have helped my case even though I tried to reach out.

3. When I finally thought I went through the whole process, they try to sell me a plan more expensive than advertised? 


I doubt anyone will read this completely but I thanks those who will.


From a totally frustrated customer.


P.S. I have refrained from revealing any personal information of the people who served me as the policy requires. However, I do have enough information to support the truth of my story.




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Re: Where is Rogers Customer Service?

Hi @Achummy


Welcome to the Community Forums and thank you for posting.


That's definitely a frustrating experience you've had to deal with in terms of your wireless account and getting the second line.


We'd like to make things right and turn this experience around for you. Please send us a private message to @CommunityHelps next time you're online to further assist.


You can learn how to send a private message here.



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Re: Where is Rogers Customer Service?

@Achummy  First, I am just a customer like you.  You are not the first to feel like a ping pong ball, and it doesn't matter how much experience or your credit rating, in my experience, I have gone through this often.


Give the @CommunityHelps a try - I have heard of good results from them.


I have no suggestions for you, but I would agree -


In Roger's attempt to give us choice over multiple ways of working with them, stores, front line CSR's, supervisors or managers when you ask for escalation, help from this forum, help from @community helps, chat lines, facebook messenger and twitter - you would think they would be working from a same view of your account and previous interactions - they are, but each area has different authorities of what they can and can't do.


If you continue to get little results:


1. Keep details on each transaction, what you asked, and the outcome and a name and ID transaction number, date and time and any other relevant details you may feel are important to you.

2. it can be frustrating, but be as you have just been in your description - calm and polite, while fully truthful and you definitely did a great job of following the terms in putting forward a clear description of what you have been through.

3. If in your next interaction, you still feel that you are going nowhere, your next step is to begin the escalation process by going to report a concern on MyRogers page.


4. Escalation process is here - http://www.rogers.com/web/support/account/ombudsman/376?setLanguage=en


Note that you do not have to go to Office of Ombudsman - that is unique to Rogers, you can go directly to CCTC and file online, with same details you would provide the ombudsman.


I personally have never had to go higher than office of president, but give it another crack, but if unsatisfied, you can move up the chain if you desire.


Hopefully, @ community helps can help you get a resolution.  Be aware though, the escalation process is often a time consuming process, but you have already invested a lot of time and emotion already, so be patient with the process of moving forward.


All the best, a fellow customer, Bruce - been through it, as many of us on here have been, some get resolution, some move on, but keep working the system and see what you get.  At a minimum, no matter what the outcome, your concern is a legitimate one on its own about customer service, so you may want to report that concern no matter what your outcome is.

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Re: Where is Rogers Customer Service?

I totally know what you are going through! Except I have been with rogers for years now probably around 8yrs to me exact... I have had my current phone for 2 years because the rogers plans are out of this world expensive. I recently went to go upgrade my device and they told ,everyone I had to change to an even more expensive plan to get my new phone at 0$... ie : I currently  pay 70$ tax in for my 7g plan no more agreement and now they want me to take a plan at 70$ before tax which would bring it to 80$ tax in approximately...yet I can go to Fido and get the phone I want at 0$ on a 65$ plan before tax.... you'd think rogers would want to keep customers....

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Re: Where is Rogers Customer Service?

Maybe I just need to vent. 


I called last night to make changes (20 mins to get someone on the phone). The person I spoke to was lovely, and asked me to call back this morning and ask for Client Relations and gave me a confirmation number so I would not have to repeat everything we discussed.

I called this morning (15 mins to get someone on the phone) and spoke to another representative - I asked for Client Relations. He asked me for the confirmation number which I gave so he could see everything. He expected me to start at the beginning again. He confirmed he wasn't Client Relations. He did not transfer me.

Don't waste my time. Do what I asked in the first place. This is the kind of behaviour that makes me look for more things to cancel. 

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Re: Where is Rogers Customer Service?

Hey @TechLady,


As a consumer myself, I know how you feel. I'm sure we've all been through similar scenarios, with one company or another. If you have any specific concerns, you can always reach out to us here, by private messaging our @CommunityHelps inbox.


Our Social Media team is also another great avenue! They can be reached via Twitter @RogersHelps or on Facebook.com/Rogers.


Thank you again for your feedback!


Kind regards,




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Re: Where is Rogers Customer Service?



I received an email from the Rogers Management office in Kitchener, offering me some promotional pricing on a total package (internet, cable, and home phone). As a result, the package I have agreed to take increases my internet speed by 50% (I will be doing a speedtest before and after), home phone, and enhanced cable package, but the final price is significantly lower and there's no contract.


The promotional price is effective for one year only so I will unfortunately have to go through this again in one year.