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Modem overloaded?

I Plan to Stick Around

My wife is a live streamer for and for the past three weeks now between the times of 11pm and 8am the modem will disconnect all services througout the night.  She will start streaming at 9pm and between 11pm and 12am the problems begin.  She will get kicked off of all her web based programs and the stream will stop.  The pc shows no internet connectivity and the wifi becomes garbage.  The lights on the modem do not change during any of this and is completely intermittent throughout the night!  Those that have the knowledge will maybe assume she is being ddossed and purposely kicked offline but I assure you this is not the case as we have reviewed logs on both the modem and the router that show no activity of that kind.  T3 Timeouts, MIMO event logs and TLV 11 Logs in the modem at the times of disconnects...... 


We changed nothing and it just started happening.  The first tech sent just replaced the connectors around the house for no reason other then it may be the issue and I know they go on piecework.  IO asked for a senior tech which I assumed would be an INHOUSE tech to look at my issue but when he showed up and I showed him the logs and described my issue he took a step back and said "this is out of my league"  Turns out he was not INHOUSE either and was just a senior tech to the outsource company rogers employs.  


We have troubleshooted everything on our end.  Replaced all cables and checked all connections.  Reinstalled network drivers on the PC and rebuilt the stream setup/reinstalled all streaming programs even though this is obviously a modem issue.  We also purchased a netgear router and put the modem into bridge mode to see if that was the issue but it did not help so we removed the router and reverted back for simplicty.


We have replaced the modem 3 times in 3 weeks and it is the 3GN3ACSMR Modem/router combo  Pretty sure my package is the ignite elite or whatever but its 250down/20up.


For those that do not know what is it is a live streaming gaming website that for some people can be very lucrative and relies heavily on a consistent internet connection.  Losing thousands of dollars!


I have people telling me I am being throttled which to be honest makes sense.  I know I pay for 20 upload but honestly unless someone does what we do I bet a lot of people never get that high!  I don't know... I'm at a loss... another senior tech coming tomorrow.





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Re: Modem overloaded?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Ok, lets see if we can figure this out.


1.  Does your wife connect to the modem via ethernet or wifi?


2.  If it is via ethernet, does the motherboard on the pc use a Realtek ethernet controller?


3.  Can you log into the modem and have a look at the software (firmware) version that is indicated on the STATUS page that comes up when you log in.  Plese let us know what version is loaded.


4.  Navigate to the STATUS ..... DOCSIS WAN page, copy the downstream and upstream tables and paste them into this thread.  You can grab the text contents of the tables and paste them in, which will save you from having to paste a screen shot.


5.  Load the freebie pingplotter from and run that out to a server somewhere, perhaps the twitch server to see if you are running into congestion at the first node beyond the modem. That's either the neighborhood node or the Cable Modem Termination System. Either way, I would expect to see high ping times and possibly packet loss as well.  Right click on the display to bring up the available options.  Select customize view and select all of the data.  You won't see everything unless you buy or subscribe the application, but what you will see will do the job.  Also select "Show Packet Loss Text on Graph"


6.  When you see issues come up, copy both the modem tables and grab an image from pingplotter so that you can paste them into the thread.  Pingplotter has a Copy Image selection under the Edit menu.  


7.  For now, without that info on hand, I would say that when you run into this issue, call tech support and ask the CSR to run a signal check on the modem, and to check the neighborhood node for ping times and packet losses from other modems.  If either one is high for multiple modems connected to that neighborhood node, then the problem is more than likely at the node itself.  Perhaps there is a technical problem, or, perhaps the node is overloaded and requires a node split to bring the loads down to a manageable level.  Ask the CSR to transfer you to a second level CSR and ask that second level CSR what the load is on the node that you are connected to.  He or she should give you that number in percent.  It probably should not be above 80%.  That load data isn't available to the first line CSRs for some reason, so you have to get to the second level or second tier support staff to determine that.


Ok, with a little more info on hand, hopefully we can start to determine what the problem is.

Re: Modem overloaded?

Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)



I'm happy to hear that you have a Senior Tech. visiting soon. Please keep the Community informed of the progress.


In the meantime; I would like to know if @Datalink or @Gdkitty have anything that they could add to this situation?







Re: Modem overloaded?

I Plan to Stick Around

Thank you for your interest in helping me with this matter.  I will have all the information you asked for mid day tomorrow and we can go from there!  Thanks again!

Re: Modem overloaded?

Have you run the Twitch TV bandwidth tester located here:


If you get a missing VCRUNTIME140.DLL error then you need the VS2015 redistributable (x86).

Re: Modem overloaded?

I Plan to Stick Around

You're not the only one experiencing this problem.

I had a technician come to my place just a few days ago and suggest we replace the modem; I had already replaced it the day prior believing that was the cause.

A little more backstory: After months and months of issues following upgrading from a grandfathered 10/2 to the 100u plan in April of 2015, I assumed that my streaming capabilities on Twitch would improve.  Unfortunately it has been the opposite, and I may as well have stayed on the previous plan, since at least that connection was a tad bit more reliable.  With the arrival of this winter, my internet has slowed to a crawl and only a couple of weeks ago did I bother to do anything about it.

The first tech I've spoken with in a while was particularly knowledgable, and said that it was an area issue (after contacting support and having them say it was me or the area, alternating with every point of contact).  So after two weeks of patiently waiting, I was notified that the issue was fixed.

It was fixed for a grand total of one day.

Following that, brings us to the technician that arrived.  I showed him the inconsistency with my streaming capabilities, the multiple tests I've run via CMD ping commands, JTV and twitch testers, pingplotter, tests that are unable to return packet loss information 100% of the time on pingtest, and how the listed speeds presented by are in line with the offering of the package, but the result is not what I am recieving.  He looked at me and said "I can't do anything."


Running tests all night long for the past hour return anywhere between 840 Kbps and 143 Mbps, which are a resounding <10 - 10% of the advertsied speed I am recieving.  And for someone who is attempting to break into the internet market via streaming through which ever service they choose, would know that having a 1Mbps connection with a whopping 4-15% packet loss consistently throughout the day is on par with trying to run a marathon on the palms of your hands.  And I've been trying this on-and-off for the past two years, discouraged only by the quality of my connection.

I was told that this was an area issue and that the engineering department would arrive within 48 hours to resolve my issue.  It's been 72 and still no word.

And yes, before anyone asks.  Signal levels are fine.  Computer is hard wired.  It's a Hitron CGN3ASMR plugged directly into a wall socket and there are no other devices within a metre.  I've tried DHCP release.  I've tried resetting the modem.  I've tried replacing the modem.  Technician who previously attended relayed that outside levels appeared fine and within spec.  Downloading is perfectly fine, but uploading is horrendous and I truly believe that throttling is the suspect with most of us that participate in streaming or uploading of any kind (yes, even YouTube videos).


If you look at the rest of the forums, there are pages and pages of people complaining of the same issues.  Packet loss, high ping, inconsistent connectivity; more commonly are people who say that after X p.m., normally around the hours of 8-11, their connection tanks for the rest of the evening and the inconsistency is more consistent than the reported performance that Rogers likes to advertise regarding "reliable" service.  Good luck to anyone that requires a dedicated connection with 100% uptime to be able to do anything.

Signal levels were taken a minute before I submitted this post.

Downstream Overview
Port IDFrequency (MHz)ModulationSignal strength (dBmV)Channel IDSignal noise ratio (dB)
Upstream Overview
Port IDFrequency (MHz)ModulationSignal strength (dBmV)Channel IDBandWidth
130596000ATDMA - 64QAM37.50026400000
223700000ATDMA - 64QAM39.00036400000
338596000ATDMA - 64QAM39.00013200000

Re: Modem overloaded?

@Myjamijo your signal levels are pretty good.  Can you log into the modem and check which software (firmware) version is loaded, as indicated on the STATUS page that comes up when you log in. 


Could you load the freebie pingplotter, and enter an IP address that you would normally use and let that run for a few minutes.  Right click on the display area to bring up the options.  Select "Customize View" and select everything on the list.  Also select ?Show Packet Loss Text on Graph".  To capture an image use the Edit, Copy as Image.  You can then save that and insert that into a post to show the packet losses and where they are occurring.  That will give you a better idea of where the losses are and what to discuss with tech support.  And it might give us a better idea of what to pursue if this needs escalation to second line tech support or maintenance.


Here's the current data to from west Ottawa.  Looks like their server is configured not to reply to ICMP pings.


Target Name:
  Date/Time: 2016-02-15 11:12:02 PM to 2016-02-15 11:16:55 PM

Hop Sent Err   PL% Min Max Avg  Host Name / [IP]
 1      118   0     0.0    0         0   0       []
 2      118   0     0.0    7    144  10      []
 3      117   0     0.0    8      95  13      []
 4      117   0     0.0    8    110  14      []
 5      117   0     0.0  11      87  18 []
 6      117   0     0.0  17      39  23 []
 7      117   1     0.9  27    137  32 []
 Destination not reached in 35 hops


There is a small packet loss at the last Rogers Server, hop #7.

Re: Modem overloaded?

I Plan to Stick Around

After discussing my issue with Live Support and the Technician, I would have assumed that my ticket would have already been escalated to a higher authority or department after the multitude of times I have responded with a similar complaint or issue, but I'm pretty sure that from my past experiences my faith in that result would be folly, since this issue would obviously require a little more than a quick line-replacement, modem restart, or modem exchange.  I'm in the same boat as a good many people that have posted on these forums in previous weeks,  and I refuse to believe that whatever is going on is an isolated issue.  Possibly that Rogers, wanting to stay competitive in the Telecommunications market, opened up bandwidth allowances that the larger network is just not capable of maintaining?  Even further,  that the infrastructure which most likely still relies on copper wiring, is in dire need of replacement?


Of course, I doubt anyone's going to get an answer.


Hardware Version1A
Software Version4.5.8.16




Target Name:
Date/Time: 2/15/2016 11:37:19 PM to 2/15/2016 11:42:18 PM

Hop Sent Err PL% Min Max Avg Host Name / [IP]
1   296   0   0.0   0    103      2  hitronhub.home []
2   296   6   2.0   7    96        21  INTEL_CE_LINUX []
3   296   8   2.7   9    51        22  INTEL_CE_LINUX []
4   296   8  2.7   10    164     22  INTEL_CE_LINUX []
5   296   6  2.0   11    113     26 []
6   296   4  1.4   20    134     34  INTEL_CE_LINUX []
7   296   3  1.0   21    143     34 []
8   296   1   0.3   21    100    33 []
9    296   7  2.4   22    121    33 []
10  296   5  1.7   41    97      52 []
11  296   7  2.4   39    184    52 []
12  296   5  1.7   40    150    53 []

Re: Modem overloaded?

Ok, you have the latest firmware on the modem, so you won't have any issues with the modem itself.  You have packet losses at the first node beyond the modem, which is probably causing problems all the way to the end server.  Call tech support and ask the CSR to run a signal check on the modem, looking for packet losses.  Ask him or her to run tests on other modems connected to that neighborhood node to see what turns up.  Also ask him or her to check the node itself.  I'm not sure what tests they can run, but I suspect that it will be some limited subset of the overall remote test capability.  In any event, we're looking for issues at the node at this point.  If you're not getting a satisfactory response, ask to speak to a second tier or second line tech and go from there.


Make sure that the complaint is recorded and get the incident number.  Call in every day if you have to.  Same's the problem..... incident number please.  That will build a history of problems pretty quickly.

Re: Modem overloaded?

I Plan to Stick Around

Already performed a signal check on my modem.  Everything is fine.

Have reported to Tech Support and have recieved notification (from those that are knowledgable and don't just instantly place me down for an appointment with a Technician) that it is indeed an area issue, and this has happened multiple times, both with CSR's and Technicians who have attended.

The issue, at least for me, is that my area's node has had concurrent issues over a good two years, at minimum.  Whether or not it has been escalated by myself or those that are also Rogers customers in my area remains to be seen, as whatever "problems have been fixed", have only occured to placate the user and provide a temporary solution to a much larger, ongoing issue at hand.  And I believe that no one is going to get an issue.

Also apologies to OP for hijacking the post.  But we're all getting screwed in the same boat.

Re: Modem overloaded?

Ok, if you've been through the mill, its time to get @CommunityHelps involved to escalate this issue to the right staff.  If @RogersHassam is still around, I'll ask him to send you a pm.  Watch the envelope at the upper right for a pm.


Edit:  One of the key points that I was indicating was for the CSR to check other modems as well.  If all modems are showing packet loss, then something is wrong with the neighborhood node.  Either its overloaded, or there is a technical issue that needs to be addressed.  So, the CSR should be looking at more than just your modem.

Re: Modem overloaded?

Thanks for helping out @Datalink


HI @Myjamijo,


I would like to investigate further but will need to access your account. I am going to send you a PM from @CommunityHelps. Please keep an eye on your inbox and reply to it when you are online. 




Re: Modem overloaded?

I Plan to Stick Around

Hi @RogersHassam


Any news from @CommunityHelps PM regarding to @Myjamijo issue?


I'm experiencing a similar problem (periodical time-outs) with my modem - basically, Jitter exponentially going up for a few minutes and drops down after the time-out - very annoying during on-line gaming.


ForumJitter20160301 m.jpg

Re: Modem overloaded?

Hi @bkriznar,


Welcome to the Community!


Is this problem just with online gaming? Which modem do you have? 




Re: Modem overloaded?

I Plan to Stick Around
It's Hitron, Hardware Version 1A , Software Version

Re: Modem overloaded?

I Plan to Stick Around

.... and, it happens usually after 20:00h when my son starts complaining about frequent on-line game (Steam) freezing.

Re: Modem overloaded?

I Plan to Stick Around

The issue magically resolved itself almost a week after I had posted in this thread, although I did find myself encountering 10-40 ms worth of jitter; something that I had -never- experienced before at such a rate, had suddenly moved in and set up shop.  Thankfully, by comparison, my connection during this period was stable (i.e. 0 - ~1% PL) and I was recieving the upload speed as advertised by the 100u plan, so I could ignore the Jitter even though it was impacting online performance at times.

However, just over 24 hours ago my original problem and reason I had posted in this thread resurfaced, so whatever they had did previously was in the right direction, but seemingly only a band-aid rather than an actual cure.

Now I cannot make use of my upload in the least, and I am experiencing round-the-clock internet connectivity issues, as well as packet loss, once again.  If you look at the 4 most recently-updated threads on the Internet Community Forums, you'll see that you're not the only one with this issue.  It's a glaring problem for a good many people, and it's beginning to appear as if even Rogers doesn't know what's going on with their bandwidth infrastructure.

Re: Modem overloaded?

I Plan to Stick Around

You can see a list of my more recent testing here:

Re: Modem overloaded?

I Plan to Stick Around

Sorry I havn't been active on this topic but here are a few updates.  Like lets just get the basics out of the way... The only devices I have connected to the modem are wired and I actually have wireless connectivity turned off for the sake of testing.  I assure you modem power levels are within spec for both downstream and upstream channels.  


Please refer to the main post for a refresher on my issue


I have tested multiple devices only connecting one device at a time to eliminate the potential of one singular device having this issue but the problem persists. 


It only seems to occur between 9pm and 5am


Extreme packet loss causing the modem to lose connectivity for anywhewre from 5 minutes to 2 hours and can continue throughout the evening.  The modem does not reboot and all lights on the front of the modem show it is working properly.... 


There has only been two or three nights in the past 6 weeks where there were no issues.  No changes were made/nothing was different from any other day to make that happen... it just happened.


The techs are lost.... not saying they are useless but nobody seems to know what the issue is.  I am currently in contact with a senior tech and the only information I have received thus far is that the problem is definetly not within my home.... nor in the line to the box....or on the node governing my neighborhood.  But there is interferrence on the line.  Potentially on the server end of things.  

Re: Modem overloaded?

I Plan to Stick Around

The problem is not just PC related.  Therefore it is mute to speak of my network adapter.  The problem also exists on both of my PS4's which I have interchanged to eliminate the idea of one defective PS4.  They were wired during testing and can be the only device on the network and as soon as I hop into an online match its only a matter of time before the issue begins.  


Also I have had tech support test the neighbours duting "an episode" and everything comes back fine.  Though I would be surprised if they found anything as I said the problem only occurs between 9pm and 5am and only when the upload portion of my package is accessed.  

Re: Modem overloaded?

As for the PS4 issue.. there is another thread on that on the forums here..

It may be partially the PS4 as a whole.
Through some testing.. there appears to be something with the PS4 servers.. and where they are located/canadian users test to.


other users were able to get proper speeds otherwise on their connection.. but NOT on PS4 speed tests.
Something to do with the specific server the PS4 uses to speed test.


Not to say this is specifically your issue, as your having other speed issues as well, but i wouldnt use the PS4 as a good 'test' for your speed, etc, when doing the troubleshooting.

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