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New CGN3ACSMR Modem, not compatible with League of Legends?

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Bonjour, je suis nouveau ici, mais j'ai un gros problème pour jouer au LOL. J'ai besoin de votre aide svp! (Je suis en Europe, à l'Andorre plus précisement, j'espèro que ce ne soit pas un problème mon ubication...)


Après avoir lu votre message :



Hello Community


Good news! We have received a firmware patch from Hitron that resolves the connectivity issue with League of Legends and we’re working on deploying it to all. In the meantime, we can provide the update directly to those who contact@CommunityHelps via private message and provide the following information:


-Cable account reference number(12 digits beginning with “2”)

-MAC address of modem (12 digits found on the back of your Hitron modem)


Modems will be updated during nightly maintenance windows so you can expect to see the update take effect within 48 hours.


Thank you for your patience."


C'est parce-que j'ai besaoin du nouveau firmware (que vous pouvez me provisioner) et comme ça mes problèmes de connection au LoL finisseront (selon vous).



- ¡¡ JE NE SAIS PAS CE QUE C'EST LE "Cable account reference number" !!, où peux-je le trouver pour vous le dire?? (je suis avec WIFI, pas avec connection via cable directement à l'ordinateur)


SVP, PLEASE, i need your help!


J'espère votre contestation attentivement,


 Thank you so much for your time. Merci beaucoup pour votre temps et votre attention.


Re : New CGN3ACSMR Modem, not compatible with League of Legends?

Je suis un Expert résident
Je suis un Expert résident

The Cable account reference number is located within the Internet section of your monthly statement.


Have a look at the first post in the following thread:


Then, to request the firmware update, follow this link @CommunityHelps to get to the CommunityHelps page when you are signed into the forum.  On the right hand side of the page is a link titled "Send this user a private message".  Use that link to get to the next message composition page, fill in the title, your modem MAC address and Cable Account Reference Number in the text area and hit send.  If the staff are not too busy, you might see the firmware pushed out either late this evening or overnight during the scheduled maintenance periods.  If not, it should be pushed out no later than tomorrow night.

If you don't have access to your monthly statement, for your Cable Account Reference Number, call Customer Service for that number.  You can then send that with the modem MAC address to CommunityHelps.

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