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Hi, My family's used Roger's since early 1970's. I have had ongoing issues since 2013. (Mostly cable). I was getting Promos which was the only reason I stayed (although Bell wasn't improving - home phone.) I have (had) VIP package with several theme ...
NB 3.0 Interface "upgrade" (UNwelcome & CERTAINLY NOT requested (or even warned about)) on 12/19/15. Besides having all the other issues, my NB 3.0 shuts off (I finally caught a message stating power-saving will start unless one hits okay) My TV rema...
Hello, NB 3.0 (PVR, and PVR-E)).   The house power needs to be shut off tomorrow and I’d like to save my recordings:   Would the following be safe? BEFORE power is shut off: Unplug PVR boxUnplug PVR-E AFTER Power is restored: 3. Plug back PVR-E Final...
    Hello,   NEED TO INSTAL THE FOLLOWING:   NEXTBOX 3.0 CISCO: 9865 HD   I bought the following and need help installing it: "My Book AV DVR Expander" (Western Digital) eSATA USB 2.0 "TiVo verified; works with Dish; DIRECTV Compatible" 1 TB/To "Inst...
Hello,I have Next Box 3.0 and I record movies I want to keep on my PVR. 1.I will run out of space soon.How and where could I get a USER FRIENDLY PVR extender (I have to get everything online).  I was told by several Roger's technicians that if the bo...
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