Job requirements for Telecommunications Technician?

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Job requirements for Telecommunications Technician?

I'm not sure if this is a good place to ask, or if anyone here knows the answer to this, I'm wondering what kind of requirements for telecommunications technician, that I would need in order to get that position, as some kind of tech support over the phone, and/or online basically.


I'm looking at doing the CISCO Certified Networking Associate at Centennial College, and wondering what kind of jobs would apply towards this Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), if anyone done this before, please share your experience, as well giving any heads up that I should look out for if I go for this certified.

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Re: Job requirements for Telecommunications Technician?

Please note i DONT work for rogers, so please take any of this as just my personal experience.

To have/work for rogers tech support? At least entry starting level...NOTHING.

At my current work i work in a cisco environment.  I know a fair bit (Not a full CCNA level though)
Most of the first level phone people dont even know what I know.. let alone even more what you might call an advanced home user networking knowledge.


I would guess most likely with the CCNA, you would be more looking at an 'office' support job, depending on the place anything from a sys admin up to a  network engineer.

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Re: Job requirements for Telecommunications Technician?

Thank you very much you have been very helpful to me.
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