Recording issue on NextBox 8642HD

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Re: Recording issue on NextBox 8642HD

@GarfieldCat wrote:

I think I have temporary fix my issue. To keep the story short, it was the hard drive issue.


Just wonder if there is any recommendation from anyone that which hard drive I should try? I saw something about WD Purple 1 TB?

Glad you confirmed the problem.


Here are my iHDD comments:


1. The WD Purple drives are specifically made for DVR/Security/constant use, so they are definitely recommended.


2. The WD Black, Blue, Red drives have also been recommended with many people using Black, but recently more going to Purple.


3. I'm surprised there was a WD Green drive in the PVR. The Green drives cannot be used in their stock form because they have built in firmware that causes them to spin down and the Rogers PVRs typically do not spin these back up properly as required.  However, it is possible to "reconfigure" these drives so that they do not spin down, which Cisco must have done for these PVRs.


The 8642 is a very old, very slow PVR. Per post 2, I'd recommend you consider purchasing a used/working 9865 instead of a new iHDD. The 9865 is much faster and may be fine for the time until you get Ignite.  Here are the caveats for buying used:

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Re: Recording issue on NextBox 8642HD

Our Nextbox 3.0 HDD just died a few weeks ago I bought a WD Purple 1TB and have had no issues since

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Re: Recording issue on NextBox 8642HD

Global Tv Young and the Restless failing to record completely


I am finding that when recording global tv, the news at 5:30pm or the Young and the Restless at 4:30 pm the Pvr is failing to record the whole show. Sometimes the recording does record the whole show but more the 50% it fails to record the whole show. I replaced the over and it is doing the same thing. The Y&R today seemed to record but later only recorded 46 mins of the show. This seems to be intermittent, only on Global tv channel 3 or 517 and I replaced the pvr. Any help would be appreciated

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Recording issue on NextBox 8642HD

@GrantHickey : it sounds like you may have a poor signal to your home or neighbourhood. See the following post on the topic:


You can check the signal yourself and/or call Rogers and have them check it.  A poor signal is the source of a huge number of issues.