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iPhones can’t connect to Ignite Wifi

For two months our cell phones have not been able to stay connected to ignite wifi. The signal drops all day long and will not connect upon entry to our home. We have no cell wifi problems anywhere else! Endless suggestions to “reboot the modem” or “...

Does my ZTE279T Rocket Hub need Replacing?

After several years of good performance I am now getting very slow download (0.5 MBPS) . Rogers tell me there are no problems in my area and are suggesting the ZTE is gradually failing and needs to be replaced. They claim this is a common problem. I ...

suew3026 by I'm Here A Lot
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Internet usage interferes with tv signal

Hello,I’ve recently got the modem replaced from the cgn3 with the coda 4582u, cgn3 modem got bricked. Anyways, whenever the internet is in use (on wifi or Ethernet connection) it disrupts the cable tv (distorts picture and lose audio).Also note that ...

chris1232 by I've Been Around
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Can’t Send/Receive Email

Mail GMAIL ACCOUNT ADDRESS IN CANADA UNABLE TO SEND & RECIEVEON ROGERS MAIL INFORMATION LOCATION connected internet browser non developer Status iPhone iOS *Added Labels*

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