FOX Sports Racing is here and on Free Preview

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FOX Sports Racing is here and on Free Preview

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Hi Community!


Some of you motorheads are already aware, but FOX Sports Racing has arrived and is on Free Preview.






Available in Ontario (excluding Hamilton) and New Brunswick line-ups.


*ON: Channel 409 (HD/SD)

* NB, NL and QC: Channel 370 (SD) and 409 (HD)

I'm a Senior Advisor

Let's hope it's a free preview for Rogers customers who never had Speed before. Those of us with packages that formerly included Speed and it was taken away from us will be very unhappy and raise a big stink if it isn't permanent.

I'm a Frequent Visitor

Why is this not available in Hamilton? We previously had Speed and this was removed, so we have capacity to add an additional channel.

I Plan to Stick Around

I agree. I was really angry that they cancelled Speed and I have been paying for the sports package without Speed. Now that it is back (in a different guise), it should just be added back to the package.

The free preview should be for folks that don't have the package.

I Plan to Stick Around

I'm so happy to see Fox Sports Racing get picked up by Rogers.
I just wish they'd tell us which package it's going to be part of. 😕

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Yes imvery happy Fox Sport One is back ( Formally Speed Channel) But i wish you told us Vip members that we had it for Daytona. If this temporary im leaving permanently from Rogers for being almost a 15 year customer. But if you decide to keep it ( Kudos to you for fixing a bad mistake, you lost a few customers on that one )    🙂   

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It looks like Fox Sports Racing was rushed to roll out justbefore (the car) Daytona and may have been missed by those not aware. The 500 itself was on the major sports networks.
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Any idea on how long this preview will available ? Also what package will this channel be available once the free preview is over 

I've Been Around

I agree completely with OLDYELLR. For those subscribers who originally subscribed to Speed, should have this channel, automatically included!

I'm New Here

I live in the Hamilton area and would like an explanation as to the exclusion. I pay the same rates as other I am getting ripped off. This goes for other stations on the Rogers system as well. There has to be a good explanation out there. I have called Rogers about this, and they can't explain. I am considering taking this to The Hamilton Spectator so Rogers will be finally put on the spot. We are getting less service for equal money. Ant comment from Rogers?

I Like it Here

I do find it funny that when something is discontinued people expect something for free in it's place.  While I agree that if a channel is removed the monthly statement should decrease based on the cost of that 1 station.  However there are times where channels are added and the price does not go up when included with "Basic" services.  Fact is Rogers  and other carriers have to pay to carry a channel.  TSN being one of the most expensive channels to carry and must be part of basic whether you want it or not.  It comes down to how much the channel carriage fee costs, how and if it will be included in existing packages, how many people subscribe to that package, etc etc.  We are talking about millions of dollars usually to carry a channel.  Speed which cost Rogers however much to carry under that contract.  If Fox Sports 1 costs twice as much as speed for rogers to carry why would it be reasonable to replace speed with fox for the same price?  As a business owner I sure wouldn't need to pay the employees, tech etc etc somehow and that comes by profit.  

I'm a Senior Advisor
All the original subscribers to Speed want is a return of all they had before and have been paying for ever since Speed was removed.
I Like it Here

So when is Fox Sports Racing likely to be in BC?....Does anyone seems as though we are treated as foreign in BC.