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Rocket hub won't consistently connect to chrome book

I've been here awhile

I have a ZTE rocket hub.  Not a rocket stick.  My hub will not connect to my chrome book.  The message it gives is out of range.  I have tried many chrome books (I am a teacher and can access many).  Almost always won't connect.  Always says out of range.  It is about 2 meters away.  I have tried numerous locations.  The hub connects with no problem to our laptop and our phones.  It is only chromebooks.  I am frustrated.  Any ideas?


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Re: Rocket hub won't consistently connect to chrome book

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Retired Moderator

Hey @Alan53!


Welcome to the community!


Sorry to hear you're having difficulty connecting Chromebooks to he ZTE Rocket Hub, though I haven't come across this particular issue personally it's certainly one that can be looked into. Have you checked in with support? I'm curious if a ticket has been escalated for you for this issue or not.


Definitely keep us posted on any steps that have been taken thus far so we can have an idea of what's needed for troubleshooting.



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