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Curious how fast your Internet connection is? Trying to troubleshoot a speed related issue? Look no further!

Steps to test your internet speed and WiFi connections using the Ignite HomeConnect app

  1. Sign in to the Ignite HomeConnect app using your MyRogers username and password.

  2. Select the WiFi tab, then the Troubleshoot shortcut button.

  3. Select Test your whole home network.

  4. The Troubleshoot tool will begin testing the current total speed to your home gateway for all your connected devices.
    • A green checkmark will display if the result is 90% or higher than the top download speed for your internet plan, to indicate that the gateway connection is strong and unlikely to be the cause of a potential connection issue.
    • If the result is less than 90%, we’ll give you some troubleshooting options.
    • The result may be more than 100% in some cases, as Ignite Internet plans can support higher speeds when there is additional network bandwidth available.
    • The reported speed may be higher than results from traditional speed tests because it reflects the total speed to the home instead of the speed to a single device, which can be impacted by the device or by WiFi conditions in the home.
    • This feature may not appear or may present an error message depending on your home connection technology or if your gateway is in bridge mode.

  5. Next, the tool will test the connection strength to each of the devices on your home network. You’ll get colour-coordinated results that show your connection’s current performance:
    • Green: strong connection
    • Yellow: fair connection
    • Red: weak connection
    • Grey: device is offline or asleep

  6. Select a device to view whether the WiFi connection is strong enough for different typical online activities. Your results will differ depending on the type of device you’re using (e.g., results for a smartphone will include HD video streaming as an activity, but a smart thermostat would not).

Select Still having issues for helpful tips to make sure your WiFi is performing at its best.

Note: When adding new Ignite WiFi Pods, this test is more likely to show errors during the 24-48 hour optimization period after an Ignite WiFi Pod is installed.


Jargon Buster


Upload: This is the speed at which your upstream Internet connection allows you to send files to other computers, servers or other online resources. 


Download: This is the speed at which your downstream Internet connection allows you to receive files. 


Gbps/Mbps/Kbps: Stands for Gigabits, Megabits and Kilobits per second. Gigabits, Megabits and Kilobits are a measure of data speed, not to be confused with a Gigabytes, Megabytes or Kilobytes which are a measure of data storage. There are eight Megabits in a Megabyte. In other words, divide the speed in megabits per second (Mbps) by eight to get the megabytes per second (MB/s).  

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