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Better Senior's Cell Phone Plan Prices

I've been around

As 'baby-boomers' retire and begin to be on limited income, we would truly appreciate Roger's having better cell phone plans (or discounts) in support of us.  


We are not our parents or grandparents, who never partaken in the technology age, thus the old Rogers Senior plan of talk/text worked well for them.  As a Senior of today, we continually worked in the ever-changing work environment that included the inception of growth of technology; the internet, messenger, etc. became part of our fabric.  If the only lowest cost product available to Seniors of today is talk/text, this appears to be penalizing the active Senior of today.


With the rise of inflation, we understand the business aspect of costs, but I'm certain Rogers can take into account the limited incomes, especially with their clients who have been loyal customers. I have been with Rogers for 43+ years, and I hope Rogers could come up with a formula to reward loyal Senior-age customers versus the full cost of their lowest cost data/talk/text plan. 


Re: Better Senior's Cell Phone Plan Prices


Good day @HM10,


Welcome to the Rogers Community and thank you for sharing your opinion with us!


Are you already a Rogers customer? Feel free to reach out to one of our representative in order for us to access your account and find the best plan based on your needs.


Should you have any specific concerns please send a PM to CommunityHelps or contact us via Twitter @RogersHelps or on



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