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Hey Community,


We know some of you may be travelling abroad this summer. We’ve changed how millions of Canadians can use their phones with Roam Like Home so they can use talk, text and data, worry-free, while travelling.


Last summer, Roam Like Home was made available in these new destinations: Belize, Indonesia, Macau, Macedonia, Malaysia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Thailand, U.A.E. and Vietnam.


To continue with our strategic goals of innovation and network leadership we are pleased to announce that since July 3rd the following enhancements have been implemented to our current VoLTE Roaming functionality:

Local Time Zone Support for VoLTE/ViLTE

  • Your bills will now show local time zone and roaming country

WiFi to/from VoLTE Support for hand-off of voice/video calls (supported handset and firmware required)

  • WiFi to/from VoLTE voice/video calling enabled in roaming environments.

With Roam Like Home, your plan travels with you to 125+ destinations around the world. Keep doing the things you love online the way you do at home. For more information, visit!


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For those of you who may be travelling within Canada, we've got you covered! Extended Coverage is now available in Nunavut.


As of July 3, 2019, we’ve entered into a new roaming partnership with SSI Micro, marketed as Qiniq.

Our customers travelling to Yellowknife or one of the 25 communities in Nunavut will be able to take advantage of Extended Coverage access (LTE data and 2G voice).


As per the regular EXT policy, you will not be aware of what network carries your Extended Coverage, but you will see ‘EXT’ on your device. Want more details? Visit our Network Coverage page!