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Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

What made you want to join the Rogers Community Forums?


One day in 2011 I was Googling some stuff and my search brought me to the forums. I joined up and saw how many other users had the same questions I did and questions that I could answer.  It makes my day and makes me happy knowing I'm able to answer another user's question.  I figured seeing as I'm able to help I might as well join and help out as much as I can.  I have been opening threads for most of the major cellphone releases and helping out in most threads.



What products/services do you use? How long have you been with Rogers?


I currently have Rogers VIP Cable and Rogers Wireless service. I've been with Rogers wireless since 2006 and have had cable since 2011.  I used to have PayGo as well.  I do have a NextBox 3.0 and I'm thinking of getting a few more services, but this is all for the time being.



Tell us about your electronics. What phones or tablets do you use? Tell us about how your home network setup and with what gear.


Well I have A LOT of electronics. For cellphones, as many know I get all the new devices that Rogers releases.  My current one is the Galaxy S5 and Z30.  I will be getting the new Blackberry when it comes out though! Tablets, I use my iPad Mini Retina & my PlayBook. (Yes, I still use the PlayBook as it has dual stereo speakers and can still use Flash on the internet browser and I believe it’s the best tablet for me).  I have Rogers High Speed internet with unlimited usage.  I have a Rogers modem which I use and roughly around 15+ devices connected to it.  Sometimes it may be slow but most of the times its really fast!  I do not have Rogers Home phone or Rogers Smart Home Monitoring, but that is something I'm still talking with my family and might get!



Do you have Rogers Whole Home PVR? How is your home entertainment system connected? Delve into your connected world and show it off!


Yes I do. I picked it up the first day Rogers released it.  I personally have a 60 inch 3D plasma TV, which I will be giving to my sister in order to make room for the new 4K TV in a few weeks.  I have a Nextbox 3.0 and my sister's HD box and we’ve connected them together with the Whole Home PVR so she is able to record and access recordings when she wants.



What your likes/dislikes? Where did your knowledge come from? What do you do in your spare time or what are your technical and/or life experiences?


My knowledge mostly came from reading other support forums.  Also buying all the devices helps out with hands on learning both hardware and OS wise.  I also learned a lot from working in the industry and met a few people in some companies which taught me a few things.  I love to help others out no matter what the question is.  If I don't know it, I'll research it before answering. When I'm not on the Rogers Community forums I like to go out with family or friends, go for hikes, walk around the beach in good weather.  I like to go to the movies and just hang out.  I do play Counter-Strike.  A lot (been playing since 2002 LOL)