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Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

What made you want to join the Rogers Community Forums?

I'll be darned if I can remember!  I was probably on another TV-related board somewhere and stumbled upon the Community where people were asking about something that I had just learned the answer to.  My know-it-all gene had kicked in and here I am!


If you are a Rogers customer, what products/services do you use? How long have you been with Rogers?


I've been with Rogers a while.  I have TV, Internet and Home Phone (I even had it way back when it was Sprint, before Rogers bought them).


Tell us about your electronics. What phones or tablets do you use? Tell us about how your home network setup and with what gear.


I'm a Windows guy to the, tablet and PC.  WinPhone is a very underrated platform, I just wish there was more app support (Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition, I'm looking in your direction! Smiley Wink).  Just bought a CGN-3 and have it bridged to a Linksys router.


Do you have Rogers Whole Home PVR? How is your home entertainment system connected? Delve into your connected world and show it off!


Don't have Whole Home PVR as I've been running my venerable 8300 since about 2007!  It's on my main TV, a 58" plasma and all sound runs through my Samsung receiver.  I also have a 4625 in the master bedroom and a couple of other older boxes scattered throughout the house.


What your likes/dislikes? Where did your knowledge come from? What do you do in your spare time or what are your technical and/or life experiences?


Oooh that's a secret.  I like to keep my online life and real life as separate as I can....kind of like my 'Circles of George Costanza'.....Smiley Very Happy