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Hey Community,


Good news! We're modernizing the Rogers Repair Program. This means we're offering you a quick and easy repair experience right when something happens to your device. Start with the Device Toolbox: the online troubleshooting and repair process within the MyRogers App. You can also reach out to our technical support experts.


With the Rogers Repair Program, you get access to:

  • Real-time tracking on the progress of your repair 24/7 at the click of a button.
  • Timely email notifications on the progress of your repair at key milestones.
  • Access to premium loaner devices if needed.


Here are the benefits of the modernized Rogers Repair Program:


1.  Support via multiple channels

  • You can start or track the repair through any channel – your preferences being based on your needs or convenience.

2. Improved notifications

  • Email notifications sent out at major milestones, to inform you on the progress of the repair to better set your expectations.

3.  Improved Courtesy Phone availability

  • Samsung Galaxy S8 as a Courtesy Phone without a deposit (for most customers).
  • Ability to have a courtesy phone shipped to your location if the store is out of stock or if you are processing it through technical support or online.

4. On-device diagnostics with Device Toolbox

  • Now you can do a self-diagnostic when processing through tech support and online.
  • Get tips & tricks to help improve performance and potentially resolve many common issues

5.  Better integrated with Device Protection

  • Make a Device Protection claim with your account
  • Easier transition from repair into Device Protection if the device is ultimately out-of-warranty (for Device Protection subscribers)


For more information, check out our Rogers Repair Program FAQs.