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Hey Community,


Connection is important. Whether you're making a call, searching online or streaming video, we want to ensure you're always getting quick and constant speeds. Don't forget MyNetwork for quick coverage updates.


These steps allow you to check the type of wireless coverage available at specific locations through MyNetwork in MyRogers App:

  1. Open the MyRogers app on your device and log in using your Rogers telephone number.
  2. Select Support located at the bottom navigation bar.
  3. Select MyNetwork. The interactive coverage and status map is displayed. 
  4. To check for a specific address:
    If GPS is enabled on the device, the map will automatically geolocate to your location.
    If GPS is not enabled, or you need to check a different address, click the Magnifying Glass icon (top left) to type in an address in the search bar & click search. The searched address will appear on the map.
  5. To check coverage type for that location, click Cell Tower icon (top right) to change the coverage (LTE, HSPA+, etc).


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The following steps describe how you can report an issue with wireless connectivity using MyNetwork:

1. Check whether or not there is a wireless outage using Network Status Checker.

    • If there is no outage, but you are still experiencing issues with connectivity, you will have the option to report an issue.Select Report an Issue from the bottom of the status pop-up .
    • Alternatively, you can also select Report, then Report an Issue from the second tab on the top of the status pop-up.
    • A form will appear.

2. Fill out the details of your issue using the guided form.

3. Select Submit once complete.

    • A popup will appear to confirm that your feedback has been successfully submitted.
    • You will receive a text or email once the issue has been resolved.
    • A few days after your submission, you will also receive a message containing your report details when you re-enter the MyRogers app.