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Retired Moderator

Hi everyone!


As we are continuously bringing in new features to allow our customers to do more for less, starting April 15, 2015 - our Share Everything and Share Everything for Business customers can use ROAM LIKE HOME in over 35 countries across Europe for just $10/day while roaming. 


Now that there is no longer any worries associated with roaming, more people are using their devices while travelling. This includes calls and texts to Canadian and local numbers (i.e.: numbers to the country you’re in). All other calls/texts will be charged like you're making them in Canada.


Long vacation? On extended trips you’ll only pay for ROAM LIKE HOME up to a max of 10 ($100) days in eligible European countries and 10 days ($50) in the U.S. per monthly bill. After that, you roam at no extra charge within that billing period!


957CEA37FC - Copy.jpg

 A few points to remember!


  • Enrolling is easy, just text “travel” to 222.
  • The charge is only triggered when you make or receive a call (if you do not answer the device, you will not be charged), send an SMS/MMS (if you receive an SMS/MMS, you will not be charged), and use data i.e. browsing, GPS, email and other applications.
  • A daily charge will not be retriggered during a 24 hour period if you are travelling within eligible countries in Europe or between states in the US, the 24 hour clock is not affected by changes in time zones.
  • When you enter a new country, you will be notified via a Welcome SMS message advising you that you are already enrolled in ROAM LIKE HOME. If you’re in a country that’s not covered by ROAM LIKE HOME, the SMS will advise you to subscribe to a travel pack if you haven’t already.


More than one million customers enrol in ROAM LIKE HOME in the first six months, what are you waiting for?

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1 Comment