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galaxy s6 dropped calls

I've been around
I am having major issues. My calls are dropping like crazy. I have 4g and full bars and they still drop. I read online to turn off mobile data and calls will work. I did that and I am okay with my calls but now I have no data. Pls help.
Ps. I called rogers and they don't know what to tell me.

Re: galaxy s6 dropped calls

Hello @Leslie0568

If you are having an issue everywhere you go, it would not be related to the towers. It is most likely an issue with the devices. Have you had them checked out at a store?



Re: galaxy s6 dropped calls

Hi @RogersNicole. As I said in my OP, my husband went to the Rogers store where we bought the phones and he was told that he needed to talk to Rogers direct. The 'customer service' guy he spoke to on the phone was no help. 


Here's part of the problem with dealing with Rogers (and a lot of other big companies too). Guy at store says talk to Rogers, guy at Rogers says talk to the store... nobody wants to just step up and deal with it.

Re: galaxy s6 dropped calls



Sorry to hear about the miscommunication. I presume that store meant you need speak with Technical Support, as customer service doesn't have the tools to properly troubleshoot the issue. If the Tech on the phone deems the issue due to hardware failure he would direct you to a store to send the device in for repair.


It's a little odd that both devices are having dropped calls everywhere. You would be connecting to different towers in different areas so the issue is not network related. If for example you are having majority of the service disruptions in your house that's a different case.


There's always a possibility that both devices have a faulty antenna. We would need you to run through some troubleshooting steps such as trying new sim card, resetting the network settings, running a factory reset on the device & so on. If the issues persist we would suggest you send in the device for repair.  To find a store that participates in the repair program view our store locator linked here.


You can also speak with Samsung directly by using the Samsung Service Locator linked here. Some locations may be able to offer an on-site repair.



Re: galaxy s6 dropped calls

I'm a reliable contributor
Just out of curiosity, do you have VoLTE (voice over LTE) enabled? If so, can you try turning it off and testing phone calls again? You can turn it off on the phone settings (From the dialer, hit the more menu on the top right, then settings), the go to VoLTE, and set it to "do not use VoLTE".

Re: galaxy s6 dropped calls

Hi. No, our phones aren't using VoLTE. I sure wish it was that simple!

Re: galaxy s6 dropped calls

Terribly frustrating. Just spent 10 minutes on a call with my husband, him in the house on his cell me on landline at work. Lost him 7 times in one call. So I'm supposed to go spend money on new sim cards to see if that works? Maybe I will check out Samsung to see if someone there has an idea. Or just toss these pieces of junk and fire up the old Nexus.

Re: galaxy s6 dropped calls



I can understand the frustrationSmiley Sad I see you mentioned your husband was at home, are you sure this issue in not localized to your home?


Firing up the Nexus would be a good test. Please try using it when you are home for the day if possible. If you don't have an issue, then it would cause of the issue would be your Samsung device. 

Keep me updated, I'd like to help.



Re: galaxy s6 dropped calls

As I said before @RogersAsif we never had this issue with the Nexus or the iPhones so it must be the Samsung. We did, however, turn off the VoLTE as suggested by @GibMcFragger and it appears (so far) that the problem has (hopefully) been solved. Thanks @GibMcFragger!

Re: galaxy s6 dropped calls

I'm a reliable contributor
Awesome! I've seen a few complaints of dropped calls on VoLTE, that's why I asked.

I think that if the signal isn't great, I'll drop the call instead instead of switching to non VoLTE. I'm not sure it even can switch over while on a call.

Re: galaxy s6 dropped calls

Perplexing issue with Galaxy S6 network access


Hello all, new to the forum, and have to say I appreciate that Rogers has "stuck their neck out" so to speak in setting up this forum. Can obviously lead to some negative feedback and rants from frustrated customers, but on the other hand, some very useful and helpful information can be found, which is what lead me here to begin with. I searched on "Galaxy S6 Network Issues" in an attempt to solve an issue with my Rogers registered G6.

Please excuse the relatively long post, but I'm wondering if anyone else has had the same issue and if the "fix" I'm hoping for is possible.

Purchased the phone in early January and was very impressed with the reception for calls and data in my usual areas. Suddenly, 2 weeks ago I had issues with calls dropping, or not completing even though showing minimum 3-4 bars. Data connectivity was almost nil, unless literally sitting on top of a tower. And as a result of the phone constantly trying to connect, battery life was nil. Could literally watch as it dropped a percent a minute. From full charge to dead in about 2 hours.

I though for sure my antenna was busted. Checked all my settings, did a complete backup and factory reset, spent about an hour in a chat with a Rogers Tech who also reset my network on that end. Visited a Rogers store where they swapped out my SIM card.

None of it worked. Was going to go back to the Rogers store and have them send the phone to Samsung for repair, but didn't want to lose my phone for 2 to 4 weeks......

This morning, I came across some posts on this forum Re: Samsung Galaxy S6 5.1.1 Update  and Update coming for the Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge. Both had suggestions for dealing with issues caused by the update last fall, which presumabley should not have affected my phone, especially after 5 months of good performance.

Regardless, did as suggested and went into phone settings and turned off VoLTE and then into Mobile Networks and set to GSM Only. Voila, data came back and phone calls now work. OK, so not a great fix, now limited on data speed....but at least phone works.

So....not being able to leave it be, I set phone settings back to allowing VoLTE and Mobile Network back to GSM/HSPA/LTE(auto connect) is working fine, and phone switches automatically back and forth as needed. ????

It's like the phone somehow got caught in a glitch and couldn't automatically switch up or down to accommodate available network coverage. But shouldn't the factory reset have fixed this?

Now that I seem to have a work around (fingers crossed) I'll try it for awhile and hoping that with the upcoming OS update the issue will be resolved for good....for the time being though, I find myself worrying that the issue will come back and leave me without a working phone when I need it most for my business......


Anybody seen this before? Or is it just my phone?

Re: galaxy s6 dropped calls

I've been here awhile

If I had to detail out my issues...they are IDENTICAL to yours. Great hardware out of the gate, then pop gos the weasel, problematic. Have done SIMS card, network reset, factory reset etc, nothing more than big brother bend you over run around. 5.1.1 update is obviously glitchy, inconclusive if the Telus and Bell S6 users who have recieved the 6.0 marshmallow update have had thier issues eleviated. Sooner or later Rogers and Samsung will get the update out there "Summer 2016" and hoping it resoves the radio issues but I'm not optimistic.


On my way to get my BB Z30 screen repaired. I know that one works...this S6 is unfortunatley is a brick.


Good luck to all the S6's out there.

Re: galaxy s6 dropped calls

As a matter of fact, I neglected to update my post, but the reset did not work. Phone was sent out for repair and the documents that came back with the "repaired" phone stated that they "Replaced PBA-BGA Failure"...whatever that means, but sounds like antenna. Fix lasted about a day and a half, and then same symptoms cropped up again. Took it back in for another send out, just got the message today that it is back again, will be picking up tomorrow and will see if fixed for good or not. Otherwise I'll be requesting a different phone. Wanted a Sony Z5 to begin with but the "Other Guys" have an exclusive on it.

Re: galaxy s6 dropped calls

I've been here awhile

Thanks for the least I know what I'm up for.... sending it back for some Samsung voodoo guesswork.   

PBA is the "Printed Board Assembly" - calling it "bad" and replacing it in my opinion translates to one of two things. Either


A) Samsung have no clue whats the matter with this phone so lets start with replacing the main circuit board and cross our fingers that something is defective and a new PBA fixes it OR


B) There is a known (or sporatic) problem with this specific production run and your serial number falls within this run, we as the manufacturer know about it, but won't admit it to Rogers or recall all the phones as only some are failing. Whats a better option for us is to play dumb, seem like were making an effort and lets have Rogers customer service make the end user run around replacing SIMS cards, factory setting etc. Cheaper for us as the manufactuerer to deal with our bad phones one by one. 


Considering yours started acting up again after "repair" days after pretty much confirms answer A and after repair effort # 2 you might just be given a fresh phone that hopefully works. Keep us in the loop.


A BGA "Ball Grid Array" is just part of the board (or sub board) where they would attach or marry another component to...potentially antenna, mic, camera etc.  



We know were never going to get the real story from Samsung or Rogers so like any consumer the only avenue you have for equitable treatment is to complain, whine and bi-ache ...all of which are NOT my first choices especially when I have to do it to a bottom tier rep who is not at fault.  


One thing I have learned in business and it equates across the board.... he who screams loud enough gets warranty!!! And to think thats the only option even if your one of Rogers (Cantel) oldest customer # 10, but matters not...were all just a number on a screen.


So all you S6 Rogers ready to throw your device against the wall, you know your up for some typicall run around and more than one visit to the store. Be sure to keep your expectations for resolution in check. Potiential S6 buyers, without real answers from the manufacturer it's clear you just might be wise to make another hardward choice. I wonder if they can get my old Motorola Bag phone back on the never needed firmware updates. 







Re: galaxy s6 dropped calls

Pickedup the "repaired again" phone two days ago. Third day today. Same repair codes as first time around, PBA replaced and BGA failed.

So far, so good. Hoping the second time is the charm.

If not, will escalate the issue and ask for a new phone.....

Re: galaxy s6 dropped calls

I don't believe rogers on not knowing there is a issue, I have had nothing but issues with calling out and being called since I got this phone in Jan 2016... I was told in feb to wait for the next software update but I won't hold my breathe its June now and still no fix...... "coming soon" maybe in november we will get 6.0.1 when android 7 comes out and maybe it will fix it maybe not... I goto tech support and nobody gives me a real answer or takes it seriously just brush me off with stuff to try that is not relivant... my good friend has the same handset, same issues


my other friend who is on bell does not have this issue


I am expected to pay out the device that doesn't work or keep paying for service that doesn't work its a joke.

Re: galaxy s6 dropped calls

Been almost three weeks now, and happy to report that the second fix seems to be working. Don't know if I got an updated board, or what, but reception has never been better and it seems that battery life has also improved, although that could simply be a result of the phone now searching forever for signal. Now we'll see what the OS update does, if and when we ever see it....

Re: galaxy s6 dropped calls

I'm a trusted advisor
Hello @Willhound

Glad. To hear yours is working well though a issue after the fix!

Re: galaxy s6 dropped calls

I've been having problem also with my S6 for months now, lots of missed calls, dropped calls, the ONLY solution I have found is to force my phone to opperate only in GSM, if I do that I have no issues at all. As soon as I switch to HSPA and or LTE I have problems.  Called rogers several times no fixes.

Re: galaxy s6 dropped calls

I tried it on GSM only for a couple days here but seen the same results as I did with GSM/UMTS 

I will have service and not be able to call, or be called (full bars) or just randomly through out the day I will goto No Service  or if I manually select Rogers I drop to Emergency Calls Only.... you would think it would just drop to the EXT network but it doesn't.... its very frustrating... I also noticed previously the OS Upgrade Page showed WiFI calling coming to the S6 with the 6.0.1 update and now its not.... and still says Coming Soon! its beyond frustrating.... they tell me factory reset my phone = done, new sim = done, wait for update = still waiting 


this really needs to be properly escalated to Samsung, or I should at least get the option to trade in this device and upgrade to the S7 cause I just can't take it anymore.

Re: galaxy s6 dropped calls

Strange, flipping to GSM works everytime for me, maybe my GSM network is more stable here.

Re: galaxy s6 dropped calls

yea I seem to have a stronger 4G and LTE signal where I am... the GSM (2G) is hit and miss... 


I Manually selected Rogers in my list of networks instead of using Automatic... Turned off Data Roaming and I seem to be getting way better results then before.... but it has been less then a day and maybe I am getting lucky or maybe I am onto something here.



**** Update:

connected to wifi and what do you know 5 mins later I was back on Emergency Calls Only...

turned wifi off and now it seems to stay connected to the cellular network..... 4 of 5 Bars of LTE.


***** Update 2:

still ongoing... I was just getting lucky during that time I guess....  this really needs to be escalated properly I am tempted to just goto bell they are offering me up to $300 to switch and a credit for trading in my phone... been a rogers customer since 1998 but they are really leaving me with no options here. .. how many times do I need to call in and troubleshoot to no result... 

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