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ZTE MF271 port forwarding

I plan to stick around

I am having trouble setting up port forwarding on a ZTE MF271 Hub.

I can easily access the Hub, and can set the IP addresses and the ports I wish to forward, but without success.

I cannot establish external access, and any of the port checking online services show the ports are blocked.

I have the HUB set up for wireless, and I have a Dlink switch connected to the Hub's single ethernet port.

The ports I am trying to forward are connected to the ethernet switch.

I am trying to accomplish the following:

-connect 3 Ip cameras

-connect to a ftp server on my computer

-connect to part of my solar electric system


I have contacted Rogers tech support, who suggested this wa outside their scope and I shoudl contact ZTE.  I did, but have not had any response.


Any suggestions will be appreciated.


Re: ZTE MF271 port forwarding

I've been here awhile

This works on my rogers cable connection at home as well. Just the zte has the issue.

Re: ZTE MF271 port forwarding

Hello, @dbut6464.


Welcome to Rogers Community Forums! 🙂


I appreciate your posts, were you able to make FTP work on the ZTE connection? Since it works on the home Internet, the issue could be related to blocked ports. 


You may want to post more details about your FTP usage like you are trying to transfer files from your computer to a server etc. so experts can advise. 




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