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Multi-Line Feature not available on Ignite TV Home Phone

I Plan to Stick Around
Rogers have advised that only one telephone line is available when switching from the legacy Home Phone service to the Ignite TV Home Phone .... if you have a second line, it will have to be cancelled.  Also, the Ignite TV service combined with the legacy home phone are not available together .... the legacy home phone must be removed if you switch to Ignite TV, with or without the Ignite TV Home Phone.



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Re: Multi-Line Feature not available on Ignite TV Home Phone

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

That's a little odd as the XB6 modem has two RJ-11 ports which are normally set to run different phone numbers.  Supposedly you can ask tech support to run the same phone number for both ports.  Perhaps Rogers doesn't have the back end support set up to run both ports with different phone numbers.  That might simply be a matter of finding someone who really knows that system and how it can be configured for dual numbers. 

Re: Multi-Line Feature not available on Ignite TV Home Phone

I Plan to Stick Around

My initial thought was, if Rogers allowed legacy home phone to co-exist with Ignite TV, then the user would be able to have 2 phone lines and be able to utilize the multi-mailbox feature as well.  If neither of these features were needed, the user could select Ignite TV home phone instead of remaining on the legacy home phone service.


Unfortunately, Rogers have advised that co-existence is not available.  Therefore, customers are required to look elsewhere for their 2nd home phone line.

Re: Multi-Line Feature not available on Ignite TV Home Phone

I'm a Senior Advisor

In reviewing the similiar equipment used on XFinity and Shaw, for both of them, their modems support multiple line support.  It looks like Rogers has yet to decide the business case to go forward with multiple line support and instead, just set up the 2nd line jack as nothing more than a splitter option - ie., plug a phone and fax directly, plug a phone directly to the modem and your existing home wiring.


It may come with demand or just not have been a priority as I am sure it does require them to change up their phone backends and configuration models and training of staff to get there.


The take a risk when they tell a customer that they will have to get a second phone number from another provider that they may just take everything.  There are no shortage of third party wholesalers of everything they offer and of course Big Blue.


It definitely appears feasable to do it as other providers wwith the same model.


Again, as mentioned by me before, Ignite is in its infancy, and as in the early days, they dropped manage my PVR from the digital cable on the patent permitted anyplace tv (home) app to focus on Ignite, possibly many other features available were put on hold or there was not a stong business case to go forward with them.


Keep asking for it and maybe all these features that we know work on other providers will come to Rogers.


I would go Share a concern.  And obviously you will have to make a decision on your service providers of your whole range of services due to this decision.


I suspect they have a real challenge in the next few years as they run service models over multiple technology models that they will drop some things and then have to decide whether to convert the same or similiar service to the new platform.


But from what I can see know technical reason why 2 lines can't coesist, other than they may not be ready for it yet or have set the work on hold at this time, or may not have a business case to support it at this time.





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