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Ignite TV - eero bridge/AP mode issues

I've Been Here Awhile

Question?  Maybe someone else has seen this and can help me figure it out.


My current setup:


Rogers Modem (in router mode with wifi disabled)

Connected to Eero mesh to distribute wifi in house.  Was running in bridge mode now it's now (see below)


Last week all my TV's just stopped working (black screen with channel overlay showing time and channel, but no picture/sound).


I talked to tech support and eventually turned off bridge mode on my Eero which fixed all my TV issues (almost).  So now my only issue is I can't use the netflix app.  I get a NW-2-5 error which I think means the TV can't communicate with netflix.  My PC's and table have no issues with Netflix.  Just the TV app.  Youtube on the TV does work as well.


I did try checking and using different DNS settings, Rogers DNS as well as and just leaving as my Eero  As well as Turing on and off various Eero options.

Was wondering if anyone else has encountered this?  If I change the Eero back to bridge mode (the recommended settings according to Rogers) I get back the black screens.


I was going to try putting my Rogers Modem ( XB6 ) into bridge mode and use just the Eero to see if that helps.  Wanted to ask first?  TV boxes are all Xi6 devices using wireless.


I am pretty sure since this came out of the blue that a firmware update sent to either XB6, Xi6 or the Eero cause this but am not certain and I believe I am running current on all these now.





Re: Ignite TV - eero bridge/AP mode issues

I Plan to Stick Around

Eero is a great Mesh product and performs well. My issue is that Rogers does not "Officially Support" other manufacturer's routers.

This makes getting support for the installation and ongoing trouble shooting difficult.

I have the Eero Mesh system which Rogers supplied back when they were supporting/installing them, and it works great. Unfortunately the way it was installed by Rogers "handcuffs" the use of Eero as it was put in "Bridge Mode" which takes away a number of features, but this was the only way they would install it.

Just something to think about.

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