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COVID 19 Service

I plan to stick around

Is Rogers doing anything for PayAsYouGo Customers during this time?


I've heard US companies are extending expiry dates on the prepaid accounts.  Others are offering access to data plans at no fee.


Any crumbs being tossed our way?


Re: COVID 19 Service

I'm a senior advisor

@fiona59  Pay As You Go is the cheapest cell service if you don't use your phone a lot.  I have the grandfathered Talk Anytime plan and buy a year's worth of minutes for $100. Usually, after renewing I have over $100 balance the next time, so I draw $100 from that to renew by calling the PayGo number. I don't know how you use your phone, but I only turn mine on and take it with me when I leave the house.  Due to the virus, I haven't left the house in 3 weeks. So I guess you mean you want your period extended since you won't use up your balance. Can you not renew anyway and carry your balance over?

Rogers PayGo. Location: S-W Ontario
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