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Broadcast of PPV preshows stop 10 minutes early

I have noticed that the broadcast of free preshows on Sportsnet Pay Per View (channel 348) ends 8-10 minutes early; with the screen first turning entirely black and then the standard message shown: "This PPV event will start in (time)".  The broadcas...

Video and audio issues with PBC event on SN PPV

The PBC event that is being shown on SN PPV this evening is experiencing serious issues.  For the first five or so minutes, there was just a blank screen.  This was then resolved, but since that time the broadcast is not in English, but rather in Spa...

Incorrect programming information for Sportsnet Pay Per View?

Sportsnet Pay Per View (channel 348) appears to be showing incorrect programming information.The standard definition channel (350) is showing Impact Wrestling Slammiversary 2022 at 8:00 p.m., which should be correct, while the high definition channel...