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Appreciation Bonus Data

So I received an offer for 20 gigs of data for 24 months for free just because I'm a loyal consumer. How about since I'm so loyal you make some cheaper plans? I barely use 1 gig of data and the cheapest plan is 15 gig. Then you throw another 20 gigs ...

Forchon by I've been around
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Unauthorized New Activation

HiSomeone added a line on my account as name of harjot singh And they order a iphone 14 pro max it was happen 7 sep when it happened i call roger representative right away on 7 sep that guy clear line from my account and he give case id and know i go...

Resolved! Authentication Process

Private Information In requesting support from a chat agent, I was asked to provide my date of birth.   As a matter of principle, I refused to do so and was denied service.  I offered to provide other identification such as my account number but the ...

Garth2 by I've been here awhile
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Account cancelled

I was supposed to get my wifi installed on the 31st August evening but I suddenly received an email which said my account has been cancelled. When I called tech support they said it’s because of fraud subscriptions. I don’t understand how they decide...

Changes to mobile account

Received email advising that the changes I made to my mobility account were in effect. The change was to delete $5 credit Aug 27 then add $5 credit same day. I made NO changes myself & what was done makes no diff to my cost so am puzzled why this was...

Hanak99 by I've been here awhile
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Changing an Infinite 5G Plan to Mobile Internet Plan

I have a 150GB Infinite plan and I don't use the phone/texting services. I want to change it to a Mobile Internet plan. Is it possible to do this without purchasing the modems advertised under the Mobile Internet plan section of the website? I'd just...

Leith1812 by I've been here awhile
  • 4 replies

Resolved! Long wait times ....

On hold for over 2 hours to talk to billing. Tried to call yesterday and had to hang up. This is 3rd time at 2 hours       ***Edited Labels***

Pricing issue on Phone Plan

Today,I chatted with a customer service to sign up a plan which was offered for $45 and if I pay with auto payment then extra $5 per month so is $40 with 10 gbs and standard features.. I received an email from Roger . When I open the email, I was so ...

Resolved! Forgot my account number

I just got my roger ignit internet and mobile phone plan, but they told me that I have 2 different accounts and I forgot my internet account number. I couldn't find it in the welcome email too. please help       ***Edited Labels***

Seniors Plan

Does anyone know if it is possible to switch to the seniors plan for an existing customer. I have been a customer for about 25 years, and it seems wierd that the discount is for new activations only.        ***Edited Labels***

svniron by I've been here awhile
  • 6 replies

Thinking of Upgrading to Internet Gigabit 1.5 but...

HiI am thinking of upgrading to Ignite Internet Gigabit 1.5 (current offer)My EXISTING bill is due on around 23- 28 Aug 2023.If I upgrade will I have to pay my existing bill PLUS the new offer,or will my existing bill be absorbed into the new offer (...

dblues by I plan to stick around
  • 2 replies

Connected for Success Billing Problem

I've been paying my bill manually - it's been affordable and manageable - but, I decided to switch it to 'Automated Payments' - for this month - and it was a MASSIVE MISTAKE.   I am not sure what happened but Rogers claims that the money wasn't on my...

Pguy by I plan to stick around
  • 1 replies

Resolved! account log in problems

For some reason I cannot log in to our account to view billing details, just the spinning circle on the screen..... Was fine last month and all the previous months for the last ten years or so.     **Labels Added**

Decoupling Forums from My Regular Rogers Login

Is there any way that I can get rid of the "single signon" now that my account is validated.  I do not want the forum to use the same password/email as my regular Rogers account for security reasons.       ***Edited Labels***

_RH by I'm here a lot
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I activate the roaming package $ 34 per month ie 15minitues calls and 70 SMS free . But in the current bill which I received yesterday I noticed they have charged my @ $ 15 per day .My mobile data is off . I don't know why they charge $ 15 per day . ...

Jem-4a by I've been around
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Resolved! No callback from the Winback team.

i received a call and email regards to a new contract to comeback to rogers, i advised them to call me back but they haven't, i have called rogers support and they have requested twice for the winback team to call me but still no call. is there a num...

johnny005 by I've been around
  • 1 replies

Rogers MVNO, Phonebox: Porting out to Rogers

Apparently with Phonebox, the porting out (to Rogers) process is not typical.   As a Phonebox customer, we need to do an Ownership Transfer first.  There are multiple steps involved.    Could someone from Rogers chime in and explain how the process w...

Hmm by I'm an enthusiast
  • 3 replies

Rogers Incapable of Sending SMS to Another Carrier?

I just tried to update my cell number in the Contact Information area.  Before it commits the change, it attempts to send an SMS to the number you have entered.  The only problem is the verificaiton code NEVER gets sent.  My internet is with Rogers, ...

Woody33 by I plan to stick around
  • 2 replies