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Terrible mobile data speeds!

Over the last month the data speeds have been hit or miss. This is happening in Blenheim, near Rondeau and also my son is having the same issue up near Wallaceburg ON. I have been with Rogers for almost 20 years and have never had this issues in thes...

Poor Cellular Signal - Six Mile Lake, Muskoka, Ont

All our wireless phones are currently useless. Our service is extremely spiritic, so bad we can't use them, even to call in and get help. We use a ZTE-721 for the land line, plus 2 cell phones. We are located at the north end of Six Mile Lake in Musk...

Daveee by I've been here awhile
  • 4 replies

Resolved! ZTE-MF-279T Rocket Hub with IP Cameras.

I have just purchased a Rogers ZTE-MF-279T Rocket Hub (became available Jan 2019) because I want to use it for accessing IP security cameras and monitor a solar power system at our cottage. I have tested it with one IP camera and it works fine. I can...

suew3026 by I plan to stick around
  • 6 replies

ZTE MF28B APN Settings for Public IP

Hi, I spent hours on the phone getting transfered from departments to departments and after finally getting my Public IP, the technical guy made me add a different APN setting, ltepublic.apn in the router's settings. Unfortunately it doesn't work and...

krad25 by I've been here awhile
  • 15 replies

Cannot Access TSN 3 on GO App due to IP Address Error!

So since I switched to Rogers I cannot access tsn3 or both of these sites require me to be in Manitoba which I am. The error I get is that my IP address shows me as out of the service area. This is on my p20. Both sites work on wifi     ...

Tablet SIM. No IPv6?

So I have two smartphone SIMs and a tablet SIM.  On the phones I am able to get an IPv6 address no problems.  On my iPad (using lteinternet.apn) I'm only given an IPv4 address.  It's been a long time since Rogers deployed this on smartphones so I'm w...

xeronine by I plan to stick around
  • 3 replies

Rocket hub internet down for 24 hours

I'm in a rural location without many options for fast internet. Even with the best deal I can get, I spend HUNDREDS per month on my Rocket Hub service which allows my wife and I to both operate out of home offices. The service has been generally fast...

Nick_s by I like it here
  • 12 replies

Rogers ZTE MF28B

Recently purchased an LTE device, the Rogers ZTE MF28B.  No performance complaints compared to my NetComm 3G27WV-R which I was having problems with for 4-5 months.   One question I do have though, on the ZTE MF28B the option to change the LAN IP addr...