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LTE not working

LTE is not working, Apple Iphone 11 with contract to Jan 2023! So purchased recently.  I cannot receive or call outside of my home WIFI, cannot text or receive texts, no internet outside of my WIFI (home) area.  Causing security issues for me as I tr...

New iPad Pro 5G Support on Rogers

Now that Rogers is selling the 11 inch iPad Pro with 5G support via the Rogers website, when is Rogers going to actually allow tablets that are capable of 5G on their 5G network? I just learned today while trying to get my new 5G capable iPad Pro on ...

Jvb2112 by I plan to stick around
  • 27 replies

I can't send texts to one person

So as the title say I am unable to send texts to one person. I can call them perfectly fine and the texts register as sent, but the person never gets the texts. I receive their texts and calls as well. I had this problem on my last phone, a Samsung G...

Norir by I've been here awhile
  • 7 replies