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Buying a white iphone 15 pro max with Rogers EPP is impossible??

I've never been so frustrated. I do not understand why it is literally impossible to buy the white Iphone 15 pro max on a talk and text plan with the rogers credit card equal payment plan. I get that its a very popular color, but what i don't underst...

iPhone 15 Pro on Back Order

Hi I ordered a iPhone 15 Pro online and the person through the chat never mentioned they were on back order. I see my order status is on back order, is there an estimated time when more are coming in? Or is it on back order because I only ordered it ...

My Upgrade

Have not heard about my iPhone 15 Pro Max. I upgraded two months ago and nothing yet. Just a popup telling me that I can upgrade only one phone and to wait. I am waiting and how long before I receive it or at least correspondence for Rogers before I ...

Resolved! iPhone Upgrade on Rogers - Set Up Questions

I am looking at upgrading my Rogers 4G iPhone SE (gen 1) to either Rogers 5G iPhone SE (gen 3) or Rogers 5G iPhone 15.  Retaining my same phone number with Rogers.  I have looked through the literature, etc, and have a few questions I hope the commun...

Ontario by I plan to stick around
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Resolved! Cutting the New SIM Card to Size

Refurb iPhone 12 Pro Max. I was on here yesterday asking about acquiring a SIM card. My bro-in-law dropped it off this evening. But I thought the actual sim looked like a cardboard copy. Apparently I’m supposed to cut it down? According to the net an...

nomadman by I'm here a lot
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Resolved! Need a SIM card for new (refurb) iPhone 12 Pro max

Hi there- I purchased a refurbished iPhone 12 Pro Max from the Apple online store. I’m upgrading from an iPhone 7. I got the new phone partially set up when I got the message that the SIM card was not compatible. I messaged to wireless services in Mo...

nomadman by I'm here a lot
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Phone order

I ordered a new phone more than a month ago... My order went from back order to nowhere to be found...?? HELP??!!   ***Edited Labels***

femto by I've been around
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iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro Now Available for Pre-order!

Meet iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and the supersized iPhone 14 Plus, and iPhone Pro Max. With ground-breaking safety features designed to save lives. Longer battery life than ever. And even more spectacular low-light shots.     Pre-order yours here!    ...


iPad 8th generation

Does anybody know if Rogers has stock of the iPad 8th gen 128GB?   *Added Labels*

carlb by I plan to stick around
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