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Setting up Premium Voicemail-to-Text   Following subscription, you will receive a text message with instructions on how to set up your voicemail.   New voicemail message, will now be forwarded to the phone via an MMS. They will be marked as Saved on the traditional voicemail service. You have 10 days to open and listen to the voicemail message. Once the message is opened it will remain on the phone until you delete it. You can also press and hold 1 on the phone to access messages in the traditional way.  Roaming with Premium Voicemail-to-Text If your price plan includes MMS, you will not be charged for wireless data usage. You will be charged for the Wireless data usage: depending on the device if you open the message if the MMS downloads automatically. Without a roaming wireless internet plan/pack You will receive a Welcome roaming message with Pay-Per-Use (PPU) rates. You can use up to 50MB per day in US (up to max of 500MB before blocked) and 10MB internationally (up to 50MB before blocked) PPU, including Visual Voicemail notifications. For any usage above 10MB internationally, you must choose between day pass or PPU to continue receiving Visual Voicemail notifications.
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