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 Restoring isn’t for the faint of heart. It will erase all your date, including songs, videos, contacts, photos, calendar information and any other data. (We did say “all” your data!).  Your phone will be restored to its factory condition.     Desperate? Need to restore your iPhone? Here’s how:   TIP:   Apple highly recommends that you perform a sync prior to restoring in order to back up any changes since your last sync.   Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed and running. Connect your iPhone to your computer. Select your iPhone when it appears in iTunes under   Devices. Select the   Summary   tab. Select the   Restore   option. When prompted to back up your iPhone settings before restoring, select the   Back Up   option. NOTE:   During the Back up and Restore process, do not disconnect the iPhone from the computer or shut down iTunes.  This may corrupt the data in your iPhone or possibly corrupt the iPhone software altogether. Select the   Restore   option when iTunes prompts you. Once the restore process has completed, the iPhone restarts and displays the Apple logo while starting up. Note: After a restore, your iPhone will display the “Connect to iTunes” screen. Keep your device connected until the “Connect to iTunes” screen goes away or you see “iPhone is activated.” If iTunes does not have an Internet connection, you cannot complete this step. Select the backup you want for your iPhone (select “as new”) and select the   Continue   button in order to complete your device’s restoration.
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