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    So you’ve decided to join the fast-moving masses and get yourself onto the super-quick Rogers LTE network. Luckily accessing the Rogers LTE network is as easy as 1, 2, 3!  Check off the following list to make sure your LTE device is properly connected and up and running:     LTE Device   To access the Rogers LTE network you need an LTE enabled device. See our list of available devices here.     LTE SIM Card   An LTE SIM card is required to access the Rogers LTE network. When you purchased your LTE-capable device, you should have also received an LTE-capable SIM card.  If you did not receive an LTE SIM card with purchase of your LTE device, simply go back to the Rogers store that you purchased the device from (please bring your receipt) and they will provide one free of charge.   TIP:   To insert your LTE SIM card, you may need to remove your device’s backplate and lift out the battery. To do so, make sure you first turn off your device.     LTE Wireless Internet Plan   ALL Rogers wireless internet plans are LTE compatible. This means you don’t have to make any changes to your current plan to access the LTE network. Looking for a new plan? Check out your options   www.rogers.com/plans   TIP: Look for ‘LTE’ on your screen Your device must say “LTE” where the network name appears. If it says “4G LTE” not to worry, you’re still connected to LTE
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