Using and Sharing Data With Rogers Infinite

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You can share data with up to 10 devices on a Rogers Infinite plan. Each device requires a separate line.


Yes. You can get a Rogers Infinite plans without sharing with any other device. You can add devices to your plan later if you want.


Rogers Infinite plans let you use a certain amount of data at max speed. Once you use all of the max speed data included in your plan, you can use unlimited data at a reduced speed (up to 512kbps).

If you still want to use data at max speeds, you can purchase a Speed Pass, which you can use until the end of the bill cycle in which it was added.


No. Data can’t be purchased separately; it must be part of a Rogers Infinite plan.


No. Each smartphone line can select the amount of max speed data that best suits them from the options available.


Yes, they are compatible with Rogers Infinite plans. These data-only devices share the data from your each of your smartphone lines.