How to use DeviceAid in MyRogers app

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DeviceAid allows you to ask questions related to your Android or Apple device.

  1. Open the MyRogers app on your device.

  2. Tap DeviceAid.

  3. Tap Ask us a Question.

    TBK DeviceAid 1.png

  4. Enter your question into the text box and tap Find my Answer.

    TBK DeviceAid 2.png

  5. A list of recommended solutions will display. Select the answer that best fits your issue. If DeviceAid can't find an answer to your question, a message will appear to begin a chat session with a technical support or billing representative.

    TBK DeviceAid 3.png

  6. Follow the steps to resolve your question and rate the article’s helpfulness. If you need to select another answer or need further support, tap Solutions.

    TBK DeviceAid 4.png

  7. You can select another answer if available or tap Live Chat Now and select Connect to a tech support rep or Connect to a billing rep to a start a chat session.

    TBK DeviceAid 5.png