How to Upgrade Your Phone

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Interested in upgrading to a new phone? Here are some FAQs that can help you with the process.


To get started, check your device balance


How can I upgrade my wireless device?

You can upgrade your device in the following 3 ways:


1)  Upgrade online 

You can check your device balance as well as upgrade online (if you are eligible). Standard shipping for online orders is 3-5 business days if inventory is available at the time of your order. Most customers in the Greater Toronto and Greater Vancouver areas will receive their order within 48 hours. For more info on ordering online, check our Online Orders FAQs.


2)   Visit a store

Two pieces of ID are required to complete the transaction in-store.  Acceptable ID includes: Driver's Licence, Canadian Passport, Credit Card, Banking information with name and address, Provincial ID or Age of Majority Card, Citizenship Card, Native status card, Armed Forces ID and University Student ID.  One piece of ID must include your address.  


3)  Contact us

Pricing, device upgrade offers and eligibility are subject to change without notice, even if you have pre-ordered or backordered for pick up in-store.


Do I have to change my plan when I upgrade to a new phone?

If you are not already on one, you may need to upgrade to one of our Rogers InfiniteTM plans with financing to upgrade your phone.


What if I don’t want to upgrade to a new phone with financing but would rather purchase it outright?

In this case, you may keep your existing plan and pay the full price of the device upfront.


How come when I want to upgrade to a new device and choose to keep my existing plan, my only option is to pay the full cost of the device upfront?

If during your device upgrade transaction you choose to keep your existing plan and do not see an option to finance a device, your existing plan is not eligible for financing.  In this case, you will need to change to a Rogers Infinite plan in order to finance your new device.


If I upgrade my device online, when will I receive the order?

Pending inventory availability, your online order will be delivered within 3-5 business days.


Will I receive a notification email when my device upgrade order has shipped?

Yes, you’ll get a shipment confirmation email, including a tracking number for your order.


I’ve ordered my device but haven’t received a shipping confirmation. What’s going on?

If it’s been more than 2 business days since you’ve placed an online order for a device currently available in the market and you’ve not yet received a shipment confirmation email, please contact us. Please note that if your device was on pre-order or backorder, your shipping timelines were indicated at the time of purchase and will be longer than 3-5 business days.