Getting Started with PAYGO

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Thinking of PAYGO? Here are 3 great reasons to consider.


  • Bring your own phone or get a new one
  • Add services when you need them
  • Change your plan anytime


Cost Certainty

  • No bill
  • No activation, cancellation or monthly fees
  • No fear of hidden charges


  • No commitment
  • No term contract or credit checks
  • Complete control of top-up frequency



How can I activate Pay As You Go?


It's easy to activate. Follow the instructions in the user guide that comes with your Pay As You Go SIM card. You can also visit or call 1 866 594-9456 to activate.



Can I activate my own wireless phone on Pay As You Go


Yes, you can activate your own wireless phone on Pay As You Go as long as it is unlocked and compatible with the Rogers network. For Rogers network details, visit:







How am I charged for Voicemail on my Pay As You Go account?


Voicemail is available with no monthly fee on the Pay As You Go service. Airtime charges (plus long distance and/or roaming where applicable) apply for messages left in your Pay As You Go voicemail and for checking your Voicemail messages. Airtime charges apply if you call a number and a voicemail service answers.



Am I charged if someone leaves me a voicemail on my Pay As You Go phone?


Yes - you are charged for each voicemail received at your local airtime rate (which varies according to your price plan). Plus, you are charged to listen to your voicemail at the local airtime per minute rate.



How am I charged for making local and long distance calls on my Pay As You Go phone?


Local and long distance airtime charges are rounded up to the next full minute. A one-minute minimum charge applies to every completed call (made or received). The airtime for the entire call is charged based on the applicable rate at the beginning of the call. Airtime charges (plus applicable long distance charges) apply to completed calls from the time you press SEND until you press END.


For international calls, or while roaming, you may be charged from the time you press SEND until you press END regardless of whether the call is completed. Airtime charges (plus long distance charges, if applicable) apply to every call you answer on your wireless phone until you press END. Charges will start the moment the calling party initiates the call by pressing SEND and includes the ring time.



How am I charged for wireless calls on my Pay As You Go phone?


When you make an outgoing call on your wireless phone, airtime charges (plus applicable long distance charges) apply to each completed call from the time you press SEND until you press END. If the call is not completed, meaning there is no answer, then no charge applies. A call answered by Voicemail is considered a completed call.


For each incoming call you answer (or your voicemail answers) on your wireless phone, airtime charges apply from the time your phone begins ringing until the time you press END.



How can I check the balance of my Pay As You Go account and see how much money I have available?


Dial *225 from your wireless phone and your phone's screen will display your account balance and expiry date.



What is Call Waiting and how is it charged on Pay As You Go?


The Call Waiting service alerts you to other incoming calls when you are talking on your phone. Call Waiting is available with no monthly fee on the Pay As You Go service. Incoming airtime charges apply to calls that are waiting to be answered as well as calls that are answered.



What is Call Forwarding and how is it charged on Pay As You Go?


Call Forwarding lets you route incoming calls from your wireless phone to another phone number.

Call Forwarding is available with no monthly fee on Pay As You Go phones. Airtime charges apply to calls forwarded from your phone to another phone number. Long distance charges apply if forwarding calls to a long distance number.



How do I change my Pay As You Go PIN?


  From MyRogersTM, follow these simple instructions:

  1. First, you will need to sign in to your MyRogers account.  If you are not currently registered, signing up is quick and easy at
  2. Once you log in, you will find a Pay As You Go PIN Update link in the Wireless frame in the Overview tab.  Click on it.
  3. Reset 4 Digit Passcode window will open, and you can change your PIN
  4. Follow the instructions on page.


From the Automated Phone System, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Dial *611 from your phone or 1 800 575-9090.
  2. Select option 3.
  3. Select option 4.
  4. Select option 1
  5. Select option 1
  6. Follow the prompts



Am I charged for 9-1-1 calls on my Pay As You Go phone?


There is no airtime charge for calls made from your wireless device to 9-1-1. A $0.75 monthly 9-1-1 Emergency Access Fee, and applicable provincial fees, are applied to your account.



I am travelling outside of Canada, can I use my Pay As You Go phone when I travel?


Yes, you can use your Pay As You Go phone while you travel. Roaming service rates will apply for using your phone outside of Canada. Rogers roaming services are available in more than 100 countries.

Please ensure that your wireless phone is compatible with the wireless network of the country you will be visiting. Your wireless phone or wireless handheld must operate on a country's listed frequency in order to make or receive calls. To check roaming service rates and wireless network compatibility, visit



Can I make collect calls on my Pay As You Go phone?


Yes, you can make collect calls with your Pay As You Go phone. Local airtime charges apply. Collect calls cannot be received on your wireless phone.



How do I know if my Pay As You Go balance is running low? Will I be notified before my Pay As You Go service is suspended?


When your Pay As You Go account balance gets down to $3, we will send you a text message on your phone to let you know your balance is low so you can top up your account.



I am subscribed to a monthly plan on my Pay As You Go phone, what happens if there is an insufficient balance on my Pay As You Go account to cover the next monthly service fee?


If there is an insufficient balance to cover the next recurring monthly service fee, regular pay-per-use service rates apply: 40¢ per minute for local incoming/outgoing calls, 25¢ per local text message, 50¢ per local picture/video message and 15¢ per MB for wireless internet.

You will be automatically re-subscribed to your current plan when you have sufficient funds to cover your recurring monthly service fee. Where applicable additional airtime, data, long distance, roaming, pay-per-use charges, and taxes are charged extra.



What is Auto Top-Up?


Auto Top-Up is our new preauthorized credit card service that will help you manage your Pay As You Goaccount. Auto Top-Up lets you top up your account with the amount you select one day prior to your account balance expiry date OR when your account balance falls below $1 whichever comes first.



Automatic Top-Up Option
If you have a Pay by the Month plan or Monthly Add-on, Auto Top-up will charge your credit card automatically for each one on its due date


Low Balance Option
Your account will automatically be topped up with the amount you select whenever your account balance is about to expire OR if it falls below $1. Perfect for Pay by the Minute and Pay by the Day plans.


To sign up to Automatic Top-Up and/or Low Balance Option on

  1. You will need a MyRogersTM account. If you don't have one, registration is quick and easy! Go to
  2. Log in to your MyRogers account:
  3. In the "Bill Information" section, select "Register a Credit Card".
  4. Click on the "Subscribe/Activate" link.

 To sign up to Automatic Top-Up and/orLow Balance Option in our Automated Phone System

  1. Dial *611 from your device or call 1-800-575-9090
  2. Press 3 for Account Changes
  3. Press 4 for Personal Account Settings
  4. Press 2 for Manage Credit Card Info (If no credit card information in on file, you will be prompted to add one)
  5. Press 3 for Automatic Monthly Top-Up Option or Press 4 for Automatic Low Balance Option.


 Note: the account must have a registered credit card to sign up to Auto Top-Up.

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