Check for Wireless Coverage Type Using MyNetwork (MyRogers App)

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  1. Open the MyRogers app on your device and log in using your Rogers telephone number.

  2. Select Support located at the bottom navigation bar.

    TBK MyN 2.png

  3. Select MyNetwork. The interactive coverage and status map is displayed. 

  4. To check for a specific address:
    If GPS is enabled on the device, the map will automatically geolocate to your location.
    If GPS is not enabled, or you need to check a different address, click the Magnifying Glass icon (top left) to type in an address in the search bar & click search. The searched address will appear on the map.

    TBK MyN 3.png

  5. To check coverage type for that location, click the Cell Tower icon (top right) to change the coverage (LTE, HSPA+, etc).

    TBK MyN 4.png