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Community Manager (Retired) RogersMargaret
Community Manager (Retired)
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Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums

Hello!  And welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!!


The Rogers Community Forums is a place to ask questions, get answers and share your expertise related to Rogers products and services. 


This is a peer-to-peer community; ask a question and you'll likely get a response from a fellow community member just like yourself.  If you're looking for account-related support, keep an eye out for our Moderators. They'll reach out should you need and be happy to review any concerns. In tandem, we're also available via Twitter (@RogersHelps) or on Facebook (www.facebook.com/rogers).


Community Guidelines and Terms of Use


These let you know what you can and cannot do in the Community.  It's pretty simple and straightforward.  Be sure to familiarize yourself with our guidelines and terms of use before posting!


Some Tips on Participating in the Community




Search before posting (chances are, someone already asked the same question)

Post a duplicate; it makes it harder to sift through all the information

Use a descriptive title for your posts.

Use a vague subject like "HELP!" or "Urgent question!"

Ensure you're posting in the appropriate board

Post a question about your wireless device in the Internet board

Read other responses (if any) first.

Repeat information already provided.

Further the discussion.

Excessively quote previous messages.

Relate personal experiences.

Go off topic.

Ask for clarification.

Make assumptions.

Be positive.

Trash products, brands or people.

Be understanding.


Know when to back off.

Get personal.

Focus on your areas of expertise.

Bite off more than you can chew.

Compare using relative terms.

Refer to specific prices.

Be nice

Use excessive slang, foul language or off-colour humour.

Strive for correct spelling and grammar.

Worry if you're not perfect.

Let us know if a post is off-topic (or otherwise) by reporting inappropriate content

Take matters into your own hands.


Community Manager, Community Specialists and Moderators


You might notice that there are some users with words "MOD", "Moderator", "Community Specialist" or "Community Manager" in their profiles.  We're here to moderate content (as per the Community Guidelines) and to help keep the community a pleasant place to be.  Feel free to send any of us a Private Message if you have any questions or just want to say hi!  


Community Blog


Check out our community blog to stay on top of all the recent news and events in the community!