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Get To Know Your Moderators

Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)



@RogersCorey - Moderator

Corey_July 2020.jpg

Favorite Drink: Coca Cola Classic (Can't beat the real thing!)

Favorite Food: Bacon. (Mmm... bacon!)

Favorite Animal: Dogs. (I also have a soft spot for the underappreciated Whipoorwhil.)

Favorite Movie/TV Show: Evil Dead (Hail to the King baby!)

Fun Fact About Yourself: I can bend my left thumb at the joint to a full 90-degree angle due to pressing the DPAD on game controllers too hard over the years. 


@RogersTony - Moderator

Tony_July 2020.jpg

Favorite Drink: A cold coconut water during summer months. A hot herbal tea during winter.

Favorite Food: Chicken burgers and homemade gourmet sandwiches.

Favorite Animal: Penguins; because they are always well dressed.

Favorite Movie/TV Show: Game of Thrones; even though I wasn't thrilled about the ending. Mr. Robot season 1 was amazing, if you can make it past season 2 the final two seasons are pretty awesome!

Dream or Best Vacation: Paris - J'aime tout ce qui est francais.


@RogersYasmine - Moderator

Yasmine_July 2020.jpg

Favorite Drink: I love a good grapefruit soda, bubble tea or a steamy cup of green tea.
Favorite Food: I love food and trying new dishes!!! Right now, my go-to dish is a really well-made Red Thai Curry. YUM! 
Favorite Animal: I have always loved felines...I find them regal. I like that they are playful and affectionate, yet independent in nature. 
Favorite Movie/TV Show: It's hard to only pick one, so I'll name a few that I can watch over and over without feeling bored - The Gladiator (EPIC!!! "Are you not entertained!?"), Ever After (for the romantic in me), The Terminal (because I love me some Tom Hanks). I am also a big GOT and Survivor fan.  
Fun Fact About Yourself: I love playing volleyball and gardening.
Dream or Best Vacation: I have quite the bucket list of places I'd love to go, but Japan is next up on my list.


@RogersMoin - Moderator

Moin_July 2020.jpg

Favourite Drink: Tea
Fun Fact About Yourself: Can speak 4 languages and read/write 5 😃
Dream Vacation: Arctic Canada 🐻❄️


@RogersMaude - Moderator

Maude_July 2020.jpg

Favorite Drink: A classic margarita, a hot or iced coffee & martinis of all kinds. 🍹

Favorite Food: I love Mexican 🌮🌽, Thai 🍛🌶, & Lebanese food 🍆🥙.

Favorite Animal: My lovely little dog, Penny! 

Favorite Movie/TV Show: Animal Kingdom, The Handmaid's Tale, Ozark & Killing Eve just to name a few.

Best or Dream Vacation: I recently went to Costa Rica and would love to go back to see some of the area we did not have time to visit. The crazy wildlife, the outstanding beaches, the amazing jungle, the cool surf trips and awesome sea excursions make me want to discover more of that beautiful country as soon as possible. 🐒🌴🐠🌊


@RogersZia - Moderator

Zia_July 2020.jpg

Moment of Awesomeness: Does jumping off a plane count? 

Favorite Drink: A bottomless cup of coffee

Favorite Food: Biryani

Favorite Movie: The Departed

Best Vacation: Istanbul and Prague



@RogersJermaine - Moderator




Favorite Drink: Water lol simple but refreshing.

Favorite Food: Desserts, I have kind of a sweet tooth. Waffles, Crepes, Funnel Cake Fries. Yumm

Favorite Animal: All birds just for the ability to fly. Favs though are the Falcons, Hawks and Eagles. I love seeing the red tailed hawk here in Toronto.

Favorite Movie/TV: Movie tie between Shawshank Redemption and Terminator 2, TV Seinfeld hands down I've probably watched every episode over a thousand times.

Best Vacation: Dream vacation would be to take a cruise around the Mediterranean but eventually I want to try and visit every country in the 🌎


@RogersRahul - Moderator


Favorite Drink: A Minty Mojito on a hot summer afternoon. A ginger Tea for the Winters.

Favorite Food: Finger licking Butter chicken
Favorite Animal: My Dog Ted (English bulldog)
Favorite Movie: John Wick ( Seen this 20 times at least)
Fun Fact About Yourself: I have a huge sweet tooth.
Best Vacation: Miami Florida

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