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Community Manager (Retired) RogersMargaret
Community Manager (Retired)
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1. What is a community forum?


Communities provide a place for users to search for information, read and post about topics of interest, and learn from each other.  In the Rogers Community Forums, you'll find boards where you can post questions and answers, blogs where you can read and comment on community news, and a Community Questions & Suggestions Board where you can suggest ways to improve the customer experience.


Anyone can browse or search the community for information.  However, in order to participate (i.e. ask/answer questions), you'll need to register


2. What is a peer-to-peer community?


The Rogers Community Forums is a peer-to-peer support community where users can help other users with questions about Rogers products and services.  We monitor all of the content and we will bump unanswered questions if they have not already been responded to by the community.  However, on the whole, we don't answer questions in the community. 


If you require account-specific support, please reach out to us via Twitter (@RogersHelps) or on Facebook (facebook.com/rogers). 


3. How do I register?


      • Click on Register (located at the top right hand corner of the screen)
      • You will be directed to the My Rogers page
      • Under New User click Register Now
      • Enter your username, password, reminder question and answer and language preference
      • Select a login
      • Read and accept the Terms Of Use
      • You’re done!


4. After I've registered, how do I Sign In?



      • Click on Sign In (located at the top right hand corner of the screen) 
      • You will be directed to the My Rogers page here
      • Enter your username and password


5. How do I find information?


You can find information easily by reading through threads or using the search bar, located at the top right hand corner of every page.


6. How do I ask a question?


Chances are, if you have a question, it has already been asked AND answered in the community.  So, when you click on "Post New Topic", you'll notice possible matches that auto-populate as you type in the subject line of your new post.  You can explore these suggestions in a new window without losing your draft.  If you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to post your question!


To post a message:

      1. Go to the board where you want to post.
      1. Click the New Message Button (upper left corner).
      2. In the Subject field, enter your message title. 
        Tip: Make your subject clear and concise, as it's the only part of the message that shows up on the message-listing page.
      1. In the Body field, type your message. Be sure to include all necessary details, especially for technical topics.
      1. Format and spell check your message, as needed.
      1. Click Post.


7. How do I change my profile picture?


You can check out all the fun picture options to use as a profile picture under My Settings, then click on the Avatar tab. You can access My Settings once you have logged into the community.


8. How do I change my email and notification preferences?


You can edit your email preferences under My Settings > Preferences > Private Messenger


You can edit your notification preferences under My Settings > Subscriptions & Notifications > Notification Settings


 9. How do I create a signature?


To create your personal signature:

      1. Sign in to your community account.
      1. Go to My Settings > Personal Profile > Personal Information.
      1. Enter your signature text in the Signature box. 
      1. Click Save.


10. What does PM mean?


PM stands for Private Messenger.  Private Messenger allows you to send private notes to other community members knowing only their community user name.


To use the Private Messenger, you must be registered and signed in. You'll see a Private Message icon when you click your Avatar at the top of your page. If you have any new messages, you'll see the number of unread messages next to the envelope icon.


Click the message count or envelope icon to go to your Private Messages Inbox.


11. Do you have a French community?


Mais, oui!  You can find the French version of the forums by selecting the word Français, located at the top right hand corner of the homepage.


12. I submitted a post and I can't find it anymore.  What happened?


Perhaps your post wasn’t in line with our Community Guidelines or Terms of Use.  You would have received a PM about this so check your PM folder.


13. How do I increase my status and rank?


The community depends on participation and the more you participate, the more quickly you move up the ranks.  Participation could range from spending time reading threads to asking question to sharing expertise.  So, participate, participate, participate!


14. How do I provide feedback?


We welcome your suggestions about the community in our Community Questions & Suggestions Board. Also, feel free to reach out to the Community Manager and/or Moderators via PM.