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Charged for phone due to migration

I've been here awhile

When I migrated from Shaw to Rogers, I asked multiple times if there would be any charges beyond what I'm paying now. I was assured everything would be the same.  Now after the port, I get a $482 bill to buy out my phone. Why am I buying out my phone?  You guys are the same company?


After many calls back and forth, I am just getting the run around with no one able to help.  Shaw tells me they can't do anything and that I should speak to Rogers.  Rogers says they don't see a charge and ask me to call Shaw.  This is beyond frustrating and super stressful.  


Can anyone help?  


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Re: Charged for phone due to migration


Good day, @AnotherTigger !


Thanks for joining us here in the Rogers community and for sharing your recent migration experience. I'm saddened to hear that it didn't go quite as planned. 😞


I understand that receiving a higher than expected bill can be quite alarming. May I ask, was the bill that included the device buyout amount of $482, from Rogers or from Shaw? If it was indeed from Rogers, we should be able to see the charge at our end. Also, have you tried reaching out directly to our dedicated migration team through our online chat or phone service found here?  They are available 7 days a week, from 12 PM until midnight (ET).


If assistance is still required and you'd like for us to have another look into this for you, we'll be happy to do so! Feel free to send us a Private Message @CommunityHelps to get started. 🙂


Thank you,




Re: Charged for phone due to migration

I plan to stick around

Same happened to me.  Everyone I talk about it say they will help only to send me the same bill. They are trying to wear us down into accepting higher paying contracts...

Re: Charged for phone due to migration

Hi @RogersYasmine,


Thanks for the welcome.  This seems like a good community. 


The bill came from Shaw but Shaw support is saying there's nothing they can do about it.  Everything about the account has been pushed to Rogers.  Shaw suggested Rogers issue a credit and monthly invoicing against the balance. 


Rogers is saying there's nothing they can do as the bill is on the Shaw side.  

From my perspective, I hear Shaw and Rogers are one company and working together but I just got hit with a $482 bill. Hopefully you can help.  

Re: Charged for phone due to migration

Hello @AnotherTigger ,


Thank you so much for the additional clarification on this matter! 👍


Although, we are working to bring MyTab over to Rogers in the future, I'm afraid that this has not yet been implemented. We will let you our customers know when this feature is ready to go.


For the time being, when customers decide to move to Rogers Mobile, their Shaw Mobile account gets automatically closed. If there are any MyTab balances owing, they will get automatically charged to the final Shaw bill, along with any remaining service fees. When the final Shaw bill is issued, the amount due can be paid directly to Shaw in the same way that past bills have been paid. We are not able to manually transfer any remaining balances over to Rogers, from Shaw, at this time. I'm so sorry for any disappointment this may cause. 😕


If you have any additional questions, please feel free to post them here in the Community. Please don't forget to conduct a search using keywords, as your question or concern may have already been posted and/or solved by another user. 🙂


Kind regards,




Re: Charged for phone due to migration

Hi @RogersYasmine,

This was not explained to me the way you just did.  I was told there would be no charges for this move. When Rogers does implement the MyTab, can I get included retroactively?  This $482 bill is causing a lot of stress and anxiety.

Re: Charged for phone due to migration

Good morning @AnotherTigger,


If you were explicitly told there would be no charges whatsoever for this move, then we would need to investigate.


Please feel free to send a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can assist you further. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, you can find out more here.  




Re: Charged for phone due to migration

Hi @RogersCorey  and @RogersYasmine,


I tried sending a PM but got an error invalid HTML in the message body even though there was no HTML.  Here is the text of a conversation I had with your specialist about there being no costs associated with this migration.  




Re: Charged for phone due to migration

Good morning @AnotherTigger!


Please try PMing us using a different browser if you're getting an HTML error. I apologize for the inconvenience.


We can only assist you in private with an account related issue as per our privacy policy.




Re: Charged for phone due to migration

@AnotherTigger Your attachment in the post will not be approved.  Here's a post with tips if something goes wrong with a Rogers website:


Here's a description of how to PM:


When logged into the forum, click on @CommunityHelps   .  On the page that comes up, you'll see a link on the top right of the screen to "send a message".  If you're using a tablet or phone, you may need to switch your browser to the desktop version. How to do that will depend on the device but a web search should find it.  There may be some back and forth required while Rogers get your personal information to look into your account.  Personal information is not allowed in this forum.  

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